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Quote As tomasc's screenshot shows, every version of PD should have that registry key. I have 3 versions installed and all have the key.

Make sure PD16 is closed, and then open regedit again and try copying and pasting this line into the top box:


Next, click somewhere in the right pane and scroll all the way to the bottom. Double-click on the VideoRenderer key to change the setting to VMR9. Close regedit, then open PD16 and see if the clips now display properly.

I did as you suggested. Closed PD 16, open the registry, used the address provided, found the the "VideoRenderer" and changed to "VMR9" and no success. You would think that since this seems to be a common problem with several versions of PD, that CyberLink would have developed a fix for it by now.

I apprecicate your help

There seem to be others with this same problem. Please take a look at this thread and see if the solution works for you, too.

I opened the registry but there was no "Video Renderer" available. Any more suggestions?
the top screen shot is the when the file is viewed from media viewer. The 2nd is the view i get when i try to play the cimbined clips from the timeline. i get audio from the film clip but no picture or the image at the beginnng.
I recently did the update for PD 16. When I went to start my next project, the clips played in the preview box, but when I put them in the timeline, the clips would not play and it was a blank screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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