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Quote Does the "Shift" left or right keyboard arrow help at all? It toggles to the next timeline marker and maintains timeline zoom.

Since these are timeline markers they are not tied to clips but timecode, hence the issue you noted with clips are removed. Suggestions previously asked for clip tie of markers, chapters,... so on, but not a feature yet.


Thank you so much for replying.

Yes, I use the SHIFT + ARROWS like crazy. It just would be immensely more useful with that Markers window open for quicker go to jumping to a specific marker. Especially when they are all over the place and you don't feel like pounding out the arrow keys until you get to where you want to be. It just makes sense to me.
Hello everyone,

I'm working on some rather long vids with a several dozen timeline markers. I'm finding it very tedious to move around the timeline because I can't figure out how to make the timeline marker window stay open so I can use it for fast and convenient cueing to the timeline by clicking the marker instead of having to move through the timeline itself. (especially when the timeline is zoomed in)

I have a three monitor station and would very much like to utilize that space with some open windows of editing tools and such. I also think the ability to color code the markers would be a very advantageous addition to visual recognition of what's on the timeline at a glance. Keeping any tools or editing window open as an option would be an extremely helpful option.

The markers also never move with the clips if you "remove clips and move to fill gap". That option needs to be added. It totally eliminates the usefulness of the markers, especially when you have dozens of them set up. Very frustrating when that occurs.
I'm scratching my head with this. I use to use Cyberlink Wave Editor and when I recorded voice using my Yeti microphone, I could adjust the input volume while I'm recording voice. I have recently upgraded to AudioDirector 7 and I'm scratching my head trying to find the record volume controls on this application. I'm being a total n00b but can someone please help?
Quote There is a 1000 Hz test tone here: .

Thank you so much. Is there a way to import my own audio sound effects into the sound clip library for Audio director?
Hello everyone.

This is my first time posting in forum. I have a couple questions I hope all you non-n00bs can help this n00b with.

I've been looking to import a simple 1000 cycle tone beep for use in some blooper reels I'm working on for my first project. But I haven't found anything in the online library. Is there a way to generate that in AudioDirector?

Also, I have a pretty good library of sound clips I would like to import into AudioDirector but have had no luck in making that happen. Is there a tutorial somewhere I haven't seen that can help?

Thanks, everyone and I look forward to and help you may be able to send my way.

Be well,
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