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Thank you very much for your reply. I will try your suggestion and will also send a request to CyberLink. If it isn't just my computer/monitor, I would be surprised that they have not already received some complaints.

Thanks again,


I have noticed that when I create a custom mask using the node points (as opposed to brush), the mask screen is almost too dark to be useful in placing the nodes. I can't find a way to make it brighter like you can with the slider in the paint mode. Sooo,
has anyone found a way to lighten the custom mask screen when using node points?

Quote I currently run Director Suite 365 (w/PowerDirector 19) and I still have my old version of PowerDirector 16 installed on my Windows 10 PC. As far as I know i have not run into issues having both installed and I use PowerDirector daily doing a lot of editing.

Thanks, your experience is reassuring!
Quote There are many discussions on the forum about this subject, and the basic answer is that there's no issue with 2 or more versions of PD being installed on the same system.

In fact, the best way to be certain that the new version has access to all your existing content and downloads is to install it without first uninstalling the older version.

One potential issue is whether you purchase a new license for PD19 at full-price or if instead you pay a discounted price for an upgrade.

In the former case, everything will work like you've described with both versions available. If you pay for an upgrade though, PD19 will uninstall PD16 (although it should keep all of the existing settings).

Also remember that any projects created or saved in PD19 can never be opened in PD16, so it may help to make a new copy of your older projects for PD19 in case you ever need to edit the originals again in PD16.

Thanks, it is what I needed to know. I will be doing a new full install. It was my understanding that one could not upgrade to 19 from 16, but makes no difference as that waas not my plan. Thanks again!
I am currently using PD 16 Ultimate and am considering installing PD 19 Ultimate (life license). Can PD 19 be installed on the same computer without one messing up the other or would the older version have to be uninstalled first

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