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I have a lot of MLV, x264 and a few x265 video files

All of them studder and sometimes freeze using all my Power DVD versions.

I tried some other programs and they work fine, what is making them mess up in my Power DVD?

all my DVD's show both screens

so I noticed that video is choppy and looks like it stutters when both screens are active but when streaming HD that will only show on the TV the picture works perfect

in starting to think the puny Intel Express 45 chip could be a culprit but not sure how I'd check
Laptop setting OK but when I run Power DVD I see TV but laptop screen is black

Ran the Cyberlink BD advisor, everything pass except the following

Video Connection Type: Ditial without HDCP --FAIL
Hardware duel video decoding capability for x264, MPEG-2,VC-1

in streaming ISO files from HD to TV via HDMI

DVD streaming shows on laptop and TV but not while doing it with HD
Quote Hi,
You are saying that your computer is connected your TV via an HDMI cable? That is not "streaming", but OK.

I actually think this is a Windows settings you are looking for, not a PowerDVD setting. Try changing your diplay mode to Duplicate Display I believe.


Sorry, I stream from ecxternal hard drives is what I meant to say.

I have it on duplicate mode, that was the first thing I checked
Using PowerDVD 18

im using HDMI and PC mode to stream movies to TV. Works great but I want the display on laptop to show what I'm watching as well
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