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I can't play Blu-ray of 2019 due to aacs license issue.
Do I have to buy the new 2019 version?
How many years is the aacs license supported?
Quote This is very easy to fix! Go to the Effects (FX) Room (you can press F4). Locate the Flip Canvas effect and drag it onto the clip you want to flip left to right. You can also flip the clip up and down by Clicking on the Effect button above the timeline and changing the setting.

Iy you have a whole set of clips you want to flip, you can instead drag the effect to the fx track, and then drag the end of the effect until it runs the length of your project. The effect will apply to all clips above it.

wow!!!!!! thank you! very easy to fix!
The video has been changed from left to right.
Can you fix this?
I saw many options,
I do not think I can.
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