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Dear Expert,

Is there a way to produce small clips based on the entire video?

What I mean is if I have a 10 minutes video and I use the split selected clip function, I can separate the video into several clips or parts (e.g 5 clips @2 minutes)

Is there a way to produce those 5 clips into 5 videos at ONCE?

Dear Experts,

I tried earlier the Titler PRO 1.5 To create a text with a reflection effect in PD16.

But the ripple effect only works inside the Titler PRO designer window, after I closed the Titler PRO and back to PD window, then I tried to play the video, the ripple stop working

It's just showing a static ripple image and not moving.

What went wrong?

I want to download the software for power director 16
I already installed cyberlink application manager
but all I see is patch and not the original software link

Where do I find the download link for the source software?
Quote Hi Kristinabalai -

When you're preparing your particle effect, under Emit Method you can apply a mask. The attached screenshot shows where...

Here's an example where a mask has been applied to block the centre space - & here is the same particle incorporated in a title template.

The mask is a simple black & white image - the black section gets blocked & the white part shows through. I've attached the mask I used for the particle effect above.

Cheers - Tony

Thanks Tony,

The problem now sloved.
First I create the title with the particle background and convert into movie.
Second, I use the masking to hide the unwanted section.

What a powerful tool this is.

How do i create a custom title with effect using particle as the background but without the background particle takes on the whole screen? I just want the particle background to be around the title text

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