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I just upgraded to PhD11.

good products. faster easier fix. PhD 8 is 3 versions old
was working fine for a couple of years... until a few moments ago. I interrupted its processes and now when I open it.... it only shows the opening banner and then closes. I tried opening it from the file location not the desktop still with no luck.

I tried opening projects and the banner shows and then it closes.. it is not running in the task manager.

please advise on what else to try/do to get my program back.

thank you

I edit with an external hard drive that has all of my shadow files and raw files saved on it by project. this allows me to move from device to device

I currently use two machines for editing videos. a laptop for away from home and a desktop while at home. If I have the SAME VERSION of PD on both machines can i move the project I am working on between machines?

If I upgrade from PD15 to PD 17 how can I move some of the particle effects that came with pd15 over to PD 17? Not things that I downloaded from the community but built-in particles such as shimmer from the wedding pack.

thank you
is there any way to move dowloaded content (trasnistions, particles etc..) from another computer that I have PD 15 intalled on?

thank you

I have PD 17 and at the top of the screen it does not have the usual "sign in to director zone".

is this no longer and option?

seeing transitions and effects and downloading/using some of them from CL users world-wide is one of the things that made this editing software standout.

Hello previously was able to produce videos with version 71.0.2126.0 and today went to produce a video and when pushing the produce tab or using the produce from the drop down menu the program closes without warning.

I then tried the stability patch released on 10-8.

that did not work.

then I installed the beta version 17.0.2211.0 to see if that would fix the issue.

that did not work.

please advise.

Jim Farnlacher

fixed it by diabling the intel hd 680 graphics card and making the machine only use the GEforce gtx 1050
Quote Thank you for the detailed information on the video files. You have the right tools in both PD15 and PP6. Both will do what you need to do to have video that is virtually indistinguishable from the source video and better than what you uploaded to YT.

YT allows you to upload avc 60p video in case you did not know that.

You can create an avchd disc that is encoded avc 1280 x 720/60p (24Mbps) to hold 20 min. or 1920 x 1060/60i to hold approximately 30 min. of created video. Do not use hardware encoding and svrt may allow you to hold 40 min. of avc 1280 x 720/60p video on a dvd-4.7 GB disc. Double these numbers for a dvd+r dl disc. This is high definition as compared to the sd resolution of 720 x 480/60i on dvd that you did not like.

A BD player will be required to play back an avchd disc. A higher end BD player that can play back avchd II disc will be required to play back the 60p discs.

I do not have a sample of your source file to determine if svrt will work but you can determine that yourself. You may play those avchd disc on your pc using say vlc. I don't beleive a BD drive is necessary.

if I want better resolution for standard DVD playback; How can I achieve that?
"You may qualify to use PP6 to produce an optical disc on dvd that is the same resolution of the one uploaded to YT."

pleae advise on how to perform the above item..
Quote letting us know how you watch the DVD-video disc and you feel poor quality is important.

Usually, watching DVD-video disc on large TV screen make you feel quality poor than watch YT on PC or smart phone.

if i watch it (the DVD) on the computer drive with cyberlink power dvd 16; or on a DVD player to a Television it looks the same...pixilated blurry not clear at all.
Quote I have been a long time Cyberlink customer and have recently started using prower producer 6 to author DVD's...

You are not making sense here. Let us know what is the resolution, bit rate, frame rate, and format of the source video files and the produced video files. You have already stated that the mpeg-2 file uploaded to YT looks great. You can use win explorer/properties/details or in PD15 right mouse click on the source and the produced file and choose View properties.

You may qualify to use PP6 to produce an optical disc on dvd that is the same resolution of the one uploaded to YT. Give us the needed details so users can assist.

souce file: .MTS

frame width 1280

fram height 720

data rate 12302 kps

total bitrate 13838 kps

frame rate 59 frames/ second

file size: 118,200

after putting thru PD 15

file type is .mpg

frame width 1280

frame height 720

data rate 8300 kbps

total bitrate 8556 kbps

frame rate 29 frames / second

file size 73748

Now the second file when I upload it to youtube or watch the MPG file on my computer it is very clear.

when i burn the second file to a DVD and play it on Cyberlink power DVD 16 or play it on a DVD player it is pixelated, blurry and not nearly as good video quality...

please advise or ask next question to help me with my issue.

thank you
To whom it may concern;

I have been a long time Cyberlink customer and have recently started using prower producer 6 to author DVD's...

the end result is not up to par. if I "produce" from PD15 a mpeg 2 file and upload it to Youtube it looks great. If I take that same file and author it to a DVD it looks very sub par compared to the You Tube video. I have tried MANY different settings and am considering trying someother authoring software because my DVD's video quality looks very poor.

my computer specs:

16.0 GB intel core i7-6700k cpu 4.01 ghz

graphics card is a GEforce gtx 1070

I have tried all the settings when "producing" from PD15; DVD HQ. frame rate is high / bit rate is low /

I have slowed my write to disc speed down as much as the program allows me and STILL POOR IMAGES.

please advise or tell me what more I can tell you to get a quality finished product that I am satisified with.

thank you
Quote Have you tried using the DVD producer in PD ?

Hdedit; yes I did try using the DVD producer in PD15. the result was slightly worse quality than the PP6.

have you created DVD's with success on PD15 or PP?
I am creating mpeg files from PD15 in the DVD HQ setting and burning DVD's with power producer 6.

computer specs: 16GB / intel core i7-6700k cpu @ 4 Ghz / WIN10 / GEforce GTX1070 graphics card

the videos look blurry / smudgey... not as clear as other DVD's that you see produced by small production companies. (IE forigenkaraoke)

these are the properties of the MPEG file before burning them to DVD:


data rate 8300KPS

total bitrate 8556

frame rate 29 frames per/second

what suggestions does the commuity have to get a superior video onto a DVD.

the files I upload to youtube look great. but DVD looks like crap.

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