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I have a problem. After to many years I have started capturing my old video tapes. Just a little story. About 20y ago my old Hi8 camera from Sony (I think a TRV120) broke. I bought in stead second hand a newer version the TRV125E. This one is digital while the 120 still was analog. But I was able to play my old analog tapes on the new 125. The nice thing about the 125E is he has a digital out, with firewire. The 125E is still working now after about 20y.

I started capturing my newer tapes using PD365. The ones which are digital worked fine. I was able to capture them. Now I have started capturing the old tapes which were made using the 120. When I make my firewire connection both on my computer screen in the capture and on the screen on my 125 the tape has noise and a very bad feeling, though the first frame(s) are OK. But when I take the firewire cable out of my computer the problem is gone and on the screen of my 125E everything is clear and nice. I have changed the firewire cable but the problem stayed the same. I expected that the problem was in my 125E camera. On internet many people are mentioning that sometimes it is impossible to play the analog tapes back on the digital 125E. But I experienced no problems playing these tapes when the firewire cable was not connected or when I exit PD.

Now the strange thing. I still had my old version of Pinnacle Studio 23. I tried to capture my analog tapes using Studio, To my surprise everything went OK and I am able to capture my analog tapes using firewire to my computer.
But I bought my PD365 to use it in full. It looks like something is wrong in the drivers for my Sony TRV 125E. It sounds stupid to have to use Studio to capture my analog tapes and do my editing using PD.

Please advise me what to do

Kind regards,
Quote I don't think you can change any display settings in the Titler Pro plugin, instead you should start with the Windows Scale and layout settings. This is what they look like on my 4K monitor:

Does thta mean I have to change my windows setting every time when I use Titler Pro?
And change it back afterwards?

Kind regards,

I am new to Titler Pro. I have just bought a new monitor and it has 3840x2160 lines. When I open PD365 the screen s as it should be. When I open Titler Pro and increase the screen of TP one hardkly can read whats in the command blocks for adjusting the specific title. Probably I have to adjust something in Window, but what and where can I find the app Titler pro within the PD folder

kind regards,


I will try

Kind regards,

Great it works, I had to use at the end of every line a backspace and a return. Just a return did not work (in my environment)
Quote A quick test in my systems shows me that the hard returns from MSWord are retained for me.

Maybe have a look at examples from some of the well-known PD tutors, like this:

have fun


I will try

Kind regards,

I am using Powerdirector 365 on Windows10.
I am new to titler pro.

I want to make some kind of Star wars text (scrolling 3D) into my project.
I have written my text in Word. But when I paste it in Titler Pro 1.5 it losses its hard return.
So all text comes after each other in one line.

How can I keep my hard returns while copying from Word of another editor app
Who can help me?

Kind regards,
Quote Your CPU is great and will have the single biggest impact on editing.

Since you don't game, you only need to worry about having the proper video encoding hardware and there's no point in buying the "top of the line" version of any compatible video card because PD won't use any of the extra resources at all.

Take a look at this nVidia chart and select any of the cards with solid green out into H.265, starting with the GTX1050. Any of those card will be great, and the Turing cards (starting with the GTX1650 Max-Q) will give you the most opportunities, especially if Cyberlink ever utilizes their specific hardware improvements.

I have the RTX 2070 because it was the lowest end RTX card at the time, but now the 2060 is out and costs even less.

In my opinion, there's no need to overthink this. Get the fastest CPU you can afford with the cheapest GPU that supports H.265 encoding and you should be a happy editor.

Great thanks so much
kind regards, André
I am using Powerdirector365. (director suite) (W10) Often I edit and render movies of 30-45 minutes. (now 1920x1080, 50i, but in the near future probably 4K) At this moment I am ordering a new computer which I want to be fast (within a reasonable price, budget EUR 3000). My old one is already 7years old. Because everyone is telling me you do not need a superfast GPU for rendering with editing software, I am thinking of ordering a not to fast GPU. I was advised to install a MSI Geforce GTX 1660Ti Armor 6G 0C (almost best in ITS class, I think). In stead I ordered for the speed the newest AMD Ryzen 9 5900X . Other important parts are: Corsair Vengeance LPX 64Gb memory, Gigabyte X570 Aorus MASTER - ATX, SSD Samsung Pro 1TB M4 for editing and SSD Crucial MX500 2TB for my progs. Also 2 x WD Gold Pro 6TB HDD

Do you think it is advisable to buy a faster GPU and perhaps someone knows one which has a reasonable price.
I do not play games, so I do not need it for that purpose. Or will the GTX 1660Ti be fast enough
I am having a brand new build computer also for usage of PD (current 16) for video editing purposes. I edit large films, also in 4K, so I need a fast computer. I am not looking for a Pro but still a fast High end computer. Which graphics card is the best togetehr with a AMD Ryzen 7 or 9. The main question is also, is PD using a lot of power from the graphics card or mainly from the CPU.

kind regards, André from the Netherlands

The Pack Projects method does exactly what you're looking for.

For example, if you simply copy the project (and all related media files), then PD will look for the media in the same place on your other machine. You will be prompted to browse when PD can't find the content in the original location, and will need to navigate to the new location whenever PD can't find a clip. You will need to do this the first time you run the program on the other machine, but not afterwards.

When you pack a project, howevver, PD actually copies all the clips to the destination folder and also changes the pds file to look in the same folder as the project - so it always "knows" where the files are. That's why this is probably the best way to go.

The only downside I can think of would be if you have several projects using some of the same clips. Every time you pack a project, PD will create a new copy of every media clip used in that project. You may then end up with several copies of each of those clips, and if they are large files, you may run out of space on your external drive.

A compromise solution might then be to simply store all of your media clips in a single folder on your external drive, and if each machine mounts it differently, you'd simply browse to that location each time you open a project for the first time on each machine. If your external drive is fairly slow, it might make more sense to copy the content into a folder on an internal HDD/SSD and point PD there instead.

sounds great, I will try, thanks
Quote Hi Philip,

The proper way to back up projects for what you want to do is use the Pack Project feature.

To use it, just create a folder on your desktop for your project. Next, open the saved project in PowerDirector, go to File > Pack Project Materials, and then select the folder you created on the desktop. PowerDirector will put the project file, and all of the media files that you used in the project (and the produced file if there is one) into this folder.

You can then take this folder and put it on an external hard disk.

Let me know if you have any questions.


I have a question about backining up
I am asking this because I just lost all my work of a full month editting
I am a newbie in editing and just started to edit a pile of holiday movies of the last years and still many to follow.
My problem is I am working on 2 computers, one at home and one in our holiday home
On both computers I want to do my editing
I solved this using a external hard drive and bring my hard drive from one computer to the other
I had all my work on that hard drive incl projects, clips and media clips, etc.
I can not solve my problem of losing the material I have lost but I want to avoid that from now on
So I want to work on my computer at home, want to back copies of all materials and bring thta materials on a external hard drive to my holiday house computer, copy there teh material I need and start working there

The 2 computers are different and have a different directory structure

What do I need to do to make situation workable
I think just making the backup as you discripted would not be sufficient I think
For example the location of the original mediaclips need they be exactly the same on both computers?

kind regards,
I had the same problem several times now. It was quite a shock. Closing my PD16 and opening the project again solved the problem.
thanks, but I already disabled shadow file in the general settings
I have exactly the same problem. I am using PD 16. I upgraded about 3 months ago from PD 14.
After my upgrade I produced already some films using PD 16.
I still had my waveforms than.
I have started editting a new film and recently I lost the audio waveforms.
One of the suggestions is deleting the temp audio files which I did in both the 14.0 as the 16.0 version.
I still have my audio, but visible is only a straight line.
Also strange is the fact that when I open one of my older project where I had the waveforms, that they are gone now also

I think it has happened after one of the former updates. I have updated also yesterday to 2524, but no improvements with the audio waves
This is a big problem for me because it causes much more time for editing my audio in my films

Who can help me?
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