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Ok I've figured it out (I think), my separate audio track, .wav file, was the problem. I converted it to MP3, edited the video again and produced it and everything is in sync the whole way through.

Not sure why this was happening in the first place, and not 100% that was the problem but anyway everything works now. Thanks for your help guys!
Short version, I tried everything as suggested above, nothing changed.

Long version-

I have tried turning off Shadow edit files, didn't work. Also I tried cutting the clip in half and rendering only the last half (16 mins or so) of the video but it still started getting out of sync as if I produced the whole video.

I only use my "G" drive for video editing, all the other drives are for my OS (C and video games (E,F). Everything I edit and use to edit my videos are in drive G (which is also where they are produced in to)

One last thing, I started a new project and put in the original .mp4 video (shown in attached pic) without editing or adding anything to it, and producing the video alone by itself and the audio stayed in-sync the entire way through after production. It doesn't make any sense doing it like that but I figure I could take that video, after it's produced, and just re-edit the entire thing which I would prefer not to do. This also makes me think its just a bug with this particular project?

Not sure however I thank you guys very much for putting up with me! Any more suggestions is very much appreciated.

Edit: that "heeeeeeeeeeey" video in the media files was never used the project, that was actually the finished product after production. For some reason powerdirector adds it to the media room?
Ok I will do my best to answer questions.

Version: Powerdirector Ultimate 14.0.2707.0 64 bit

I have attached pictures of my workspace, like I said earlier, everything is perfectly in sync during the edit of my video however, after producing it is when it goes out of sync.

Also I have tried producing this video many times trying out different settings and deleting things/breaking up things but nothin is working so far.

I did have 1 mp3 file which I deleted and produced but still didn't work.

The video track is .mp4 and the audio track (on the bottom) is .wav but the separate audio track stays in sync with the video the entire time, it's the actual video sounds that get out of sync with the video and I have tried detaching the audio from the video, producing it and nothing changes.

I doubt another program is interfering with the production, i've produced several videos as long and longer than this with no problem and I make sure to close everything (even through task manager so there are no hidden programs running). Also just produced a video today just as long with no problem, this is very frustrating.

I honestly think it's just another bug with Powerdirector but if there is a fix, that would be great!
Having a slight problem right now with "producing" my video that is roughly 32 minutes long.

BEFORE I produce it, everything on the edit screen works perfect, all audio/video is synchronized perfectly from beginning to end however, after I produce my video the audio/video is in sync until about the 14 minute mark then it's out of sync and as the video progresses, it gets worse up to about 2 sec delay between audio and video towards the end of my video (This is the final product, outside of powerdirector).

Has anyone ever had this problem? Any ideas on why this is happening?

Any help is appreciated!
Yep, that is the exact setup i have. I have not tried restarting PD yet, thanks for the suggestion.
Not sure if it's a bug or just me, anyway, i have 4 clips at the very end of a short video, each clip is assigned to each corner of the screen, i applied the "fade" transition to ALL 4 clips (to create the effect of the screen fading to black at the end of the video) however, 2 clips work correctly and fade to black but the other 2 clips have the reverse effect.

During the middle of the clip while it is playing (at the start of the "fade") their screens go black and fades into the video (then all the sudden black of course because the clip ended)

I have found a way around this but it requires alot more steps and is just really annoying to be honest. Anyone else have this problem?
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