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I did some experimenting and found that its only 4:3 mkv and mp4s that wont stretch in Powerdvd 20. DVDs stretch ok.

I also found that on my Sony 65X900e over hdmi the "stretch to fit the screen" works with Powerdvd 15 (see attachment) but not 20. Powerdvd 20 stretching over hdmi shrinks the image but over DVI and displayport it stretches just fine.

Any idea what's going on? Its as though Cyberlink disabled 4:3 stretching on only hdmi on Powerdvd 20. I opened a ticket with support but they havent responded yet.
I noticed this when I upgraded from Powerdvd 18 to 20 and its been bugging me.

When I play a 4:3 video all my aspect ratio options are available (see attachments). But if I select 'stretch to fit the screen' or any of the Truetheatre aspect ratios the image reduces to a small inset in the center of the screen. The same thing happens if I view a jpg.

Is there a scaling setting in Powerdvd somewhere that is required for 4K monitors to allow these aspect ratios to work properly?

--Windows 10 PC using Radeon RX-560 through HDMI to Sony 65X900e.
Ever since I upgraded to Powerdvd 18 I stopped getting digital audio from MKVs, analog audio was ok. Oddly, MP4 digital audio played ok...and if I converted a bad MKV to an MP4 the audio returned. Its as though 18 couldn't recognize MKV digital audio streams.

Well....after weeks of fiddling I found the solution on my Windows 7-64 box:

- Under "Sound" in Windows go the Playback Tab/Properties of the active device and find the "Advanced" tab. UNCHECK the settings for Exclusive Mode (see attachment).

I did this and now all my MKVs play in digital surround in Powerdvd 18. It even fixed audio problems I was having playing mounted ISOs. So simple yet so elusive!
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