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4:3 stretching of BD rips not working----I found the solution
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A while back when I upgraded from PDVD15 to 20 I started having problems with stretching old 4:3 BD rips (Wizard of Oz, etc). Instead of stretching it would shrink the images to a smaller inset in the middle of the screen. It did it on every single 4:3 rip. I have a HTPC--> Radeon 560-->HDMI-->Sony 65X900E. I went back and forth with Cyberlink and they said they couldn't recreate the problem.

I finally found the solution last night (see attachment). I found that if I enable "Use HDR" in Windows 10 the Truetheater HDR feature in PDVD20 enables and the 4:3 stretch works properly. This might seem obvious to some but enabling Use HDR makes Windows looks terrible and my movies are not in HDR to begin with.

Since the 4:3 feature is always available in PDVD20 it never occurred to me enabling the Windows setting would be needed. Maybe I'm the only person out there who had this issue but this solution works for me.
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