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Hi all,
I play with PowerDVD my HDR (4K) movies without problems.
But, it's possible play with Dolby Vision those movies with that format?
My LG TV support Dolby Vision and play Dolby Vision movies without problems with Oppo 203. But my collection of movies are into my PC and want play them with PowerDVD 20.
Thank's for your information.
I didn't know about the Auxdata, but I check my Blu-Ray's colection and all of them have that file.
Anyway, thank you for that tip.
Hi Hicham,

At last has been fixed...!

I downloaded the build 2406 patch and installed.

I highlight the movie folder and press the spacebar and the movie start. On the other hand, I press the arrow (play) button form my control remote and... THE MOVIE START!

Took it few months to fixed... but was fixed at last.


Thank you for your help to resolve this ongoing problem.

We don’t have issue with .mkv or .ISO files. We have problems with Blu-ray movies into a folder. Let me explain:

I have a collection of blue-ray movies. Those movies I copied to a Hard Drive into a computer (I use DVDFab to copy). I didn’t copy as ISO or MKV file, just as movie folder with sub directories likes MDMV and Certificate.

Normally and before those updates, I start playing the movie with one click. I can archive that only with PC mode.

I hope will clarified the situation,

Hi Hichman,
Are you still on holidays...?

I re do it all over again (as previous post) BUT with those exeptions:

After installed the original PowerDVD Ultra 16, I deleted the cache folder and ALL temporary files. Reboot my PCand after rebooted, I double check if "Cache" folder was there: was there and deleted again.

Then I install the 1907 build patch (Before I didn't do it). I choose not to keep my settings. After the instalation finish and activate the program, I reboot the PC. Tested the "TV Mode" and try the blu-ray (Movie) folder refuse to open. Now I remembered the problem start from that patch.

I delete the cache folder and ALL temporary files again. Restart the PC and re-delete again the cache folder. Install the build 2011 patch and reboot my PC... again!

Tested and choosing the TV mode, the problem still there. Cannot start the movie from the Blu-ray folder.


Hi Hichman,

I fallow your instructions.

I delete the Cache and Caches folders. Then I unisntall from "Programs and Futures" in Control Panel. I choose "don't keep the personal setting".

I reboot my PC and try to install just the 2011 patch, but the patch wants the full program to be installed first. I install the full PowerDVD 16 Ultra program and activated with my key. Without any adjustment, I install the 2011 patch, but it never ask me if I want to keep my personal setting.

After install the patch, I reboot the PC. Open PowerDVD Ultra and choose the "TV Mode". I pick up any movie from my Hard Disks collection and press "Play" from my control remote: Nothing happend. Pressing the space bar from the keyboard have the same result: Nothing happend.

As Audreyp wrote, I have the same problem and all my movies collections are into three Hard Drives in them respective folders.

I never have problems with PowerDVD 15 Ultra and no problems at all with PowerDVD 16 Ultra build 1907.

The problem accur only in TV Mode. PC Mode works OK.


Thank you for your answear.

I'll do it tomorrow. We're at night in Australia and getting late.

I have the same problem after update 2011.

I delete the cache files, but the problem persist.
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