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Well, it's been a week since my last post and no one from Cyberlink, or any other contributor, has made comment on my, I believe, quite reasonable expectation for PDVD 19 to use (and not use) subtitle files. At the moment, MediaMonkey looks a whole lot more logical in its use of subtitle files, is free, and it has a library system (albeit, not as well organized as PDVD). Unless PDVD gets a more usable method of working with subtitle files, I'll refrain from further updates. Frankly, PDVD 19's handling of subtitle files is in a mess!
Thanks, Dave, for your input. I'm afraid I can't agree with you that PDVD 19 has got it right at all. To me it makes perfect sense to have subtitle files with precisely the same name as the video file (there is an obvious 1-to-1 correspondence) and for the video player to recognize this correspondence and select the subtitle file at play time automatically. It seems obvious to me, also, that should there be no corresponding subtitle file then the video player ignores all subtitle files it finds. I think earlier versions of PDVD (16, 17?) used to do this.

Your response suggests that there is no way of doing what I asked - automatic selection of subtitle file and ignoring all subtitle files where there is no match. I'm considering either finding another video player that uses straightforward logic in handling subtitle files, or using a video editor that allows me to embed the subtitle file within the video for playing in PDVD. It seems to me that all PDVD needs to do is ignore all subtitle files where there is no match.

Another problem I have found is that sometimes the subtitle facility in PDVD selects "SubtitleHandler - [English]" and displays all dialog as subtitles. This is a considerable nuisance as one needs to turn off subtitles for this video, necessitating turning them on again for the next video that has a subtitle file.

In many of my video folders I have several .srt files, all of which are carefully named to match their corresponding video files. If I select a video with a corresponding .srt file, the correct subtitle file is loaded. Switching to another video with a corresponding .srt file has the new video displaying the correct subtitles for this video. If, however, I pick a video that doesn't have a .srt file, the video plays with the first .srt file listed in that folder selected. I need to turn "Off" subtitles for this video (and others without .srt files) to play it correctly. However, if I need to play another video that has a .srt file, I need manually to select this file as it PDVD 19 doesn't automatically select it for me.

Is there some way for PDVD 19 to be configured so that it will select a corresponding .srt file automatically, if one is present, and select no subtitle file if one is not found?

Thanks in advance, P.
Quote Can you take a screenshot and share here. Not sure exactly what you mean by "the times".



Thanks for your reply. However, I have now found the fix. I changed Subtitle Settings > Default coding from "English (Latin languages)" to "Unicode (UTF-". I have checked that this does not affect the displaying of .srt files.

If you are still interested in a screenshot of the time display, please let me know how to upload this. I notice there is an "Insert/Edit Image" button available in this editing screen - would that suffice?

Thanks once again, Paul.
Recently, my PowerDVD 18 has started showing a time at the foot of the video screen. These videos are all .mp4 and when played via Win10 Video Player or VLC Media Player, these times are not shown. The times start at 00:00:00.000 and remain that way for a period then change to the current play time, usually at some major scene change. This periodic time period updating continues in this manner throughout the length of the video.

The curious thing is that only some of my videos are affected in this manner. I have "Show OSD" turned off. Is there something else I should change to turn this "feature" off?

Thanks in advance, Paul.
It looks like this problem is in the too hard basket!

I have a workaround - use VLC Media Player v3.0 (latest). It identifies and displays the srt file seamlessly.

So, what's the problem with Cyberlink, anyone?
No, it's with several srt files - I have only 3 to try with and was looking at using a 4th when I discovered this problem.


Some 6+ months ago my PowerDVD 17 (or was it 16?) was happily using srt files to add subtitles to mp4 files of the same name. I have had occasion to play the same mp4 file(s) again, and I find that PDVD 17 ignores (or does not interpret) the same srt file(s).

I have done a brief search on this topic but find the results not all that helpful. Perhaps someone knows of a solution or workaround that they could point me to.

Thanks in advance,

Thanks for your input. I've no idea what an IDT driver is - I can't find it in the obvious places on my Acer desktop. Is this an HP driver?

I have been negotiating with Cyberlink Technical Support and they appear to acknowledge that they didn't include support for legacy AAC audio encoding. Here is what they said:

"For technical detail, PowerDVD 15 support to playback AAC audio format
encoded with LC and HE profile currently. (LC: Low Complexity, HE: High
Efficiency). But not support to playback AAC encoded with Main profile.
It's program limitation."

They have requested their software engineers to include this in a future update.

Well, it looks like this has stumped everyone. As no one appears to have a ready answer, my only option appears to be to regenerate the ~30 mp4 files. I've done this for a few and the new files don't seem to have any problems with the audio.

So, am I to expect further loss of backwards compatibility in future PowerDVD upgrades? I think I will be trying before I buy in the future.

I recently upgraded my Powerdvd 13 to 15. Now, the majority, but not all, my mp4 movie files show the "Unsupported Audio" message when they start to play, and no audio ensues. The other mp4 files have no trouble with the soundtrack. Is there some codec I should install/update?


Win 8.1
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