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Thank you for your response. I do not have any other installations of PD365 and NBFX has been working fine until a few days after I installed the latest update to PD365. I have opened a tech support request with CL. Awaiting response.

I have been LONG, LONG time customer I also lost all my New Blue that supposedly were suppose to be working, I also had bought both Paint and another New Blue on a special deal. These were direct purchases at New Blue and they managed to take everything away from me. I find the way their customer service refused anything and I even sent the receipt a disgrace and the fact that Cyberlink and New Blue went back and forth with me only to resolve NOTHING and I relied on these filters for my video clients to be an absolutely awful way to treat loyal customers. Then Cyberlink even took away all kinds of things like Magix Wisord which in a jam to do a quick video it was a go to for me, they also deleted all the packages I used to use a lot as a base to construct from, the updates have wiped out loads of saved items I use on a regular basis which impacts my business and it's NOT APPRECIATED as I was about to change after I was left for months with a software not working and they've done this to me multiple times usually when I have a deadline to make and I'd like to ask both New Blue and Cyberlink why you are doing this to your long time customers who rely on your services to be true and to work. You obviously can make and break our businesses now and I'd like someone like the FTC to really understand that software companies have way to much power today and they also can hugely affect your business in a way someone needs to start telling you, you don't wipe out our computers any time you feel like it, nor should you be allowed to steal all the items we bought from you for years just because you can. Bad business is bad business and if I show you a receipt you should be honoring your customers purchases! That I also know from emails from New Blue they won't care if you can't use what you bought from them and I was told they don't have New Blue Compatible for Cyberlink anymore....shame, shame, shameful! Maybe New Blue should be offering refunds for customer purchases they have no loyalty to. Instead they removed my purchased items so I paid for air now.
Quote You may need to setup the sound in Screen recorder. Click on Settings on the bottom of opening window.


Okay this bothered me for years totally stumped and the fix is easy guys. Reply above partially right, but not explained well. You have to set things up in settings just like in this reply, but to get the actual sound it has to have the correct file extension (example .wmv) in the file name description (screenrecordersettings). It depends what video format you are using for playback. Then your sound will record.

Example: screenrecordersettings.wmv (if playing in another format it must reflect that extension to hear the sound on playback)
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