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PD13 will handle as well as it can. I'd produce the final edited product to a 60fps profile to maintain as much quality as you have in the source clips. The 30fps will simply get doubled the frames and playback fine, just like original 30fps since the even 2x multiple. The 50fps will get adjusted by duplicating frames periodically to get 60fps, should look fine during playback.

The different aspect ratio can be dealt with a few different ways, by zooming if desired to fill a full frame, accepting black borders, or putting a photo or blurred photo as a backdrop as well as other approaches.

Often, if the source footage is coming from a cell phone, it's really not 30, 50, or 60fps but variable. If that footage causes any playback issues in your produced 60fps file, one may have to convert it to a fixed fps with like HandBrake or similar tool and use this video as source in PD13.


Many thanks Jeff
Hi, I am using PD 13 to produce a short video of an event where the footage has been taken on 3 different cameras/phones. with 3 different FPS settings (30FPS, 50FPS and 60FPS) and 2 different aspect ratios.

I know how to set up a custom profile for a unique FPS setting etc, but I'm unsure whether it is possible to combine footage from different cameras with different FPS and aspect ratios into a single production?

Can anyone advise please. Many thanks.
Hi Jeff

I'll test out your solution shortly. I would never have come up with this approach myself so your help is really appreciated.

Many thanks.
Hi all

Having recently 'digitised' a large amount of original cine-film footage, I would now like to tidy up the footage (removing gaps and poor quality clips using Power Director 13.

Upon starting the process I have received two conflict notices. One regarding the aspect ratio and another relating to the frame rate. The aspect ratio issue is not a problem as this has been changed to 4:3 automatically. However, the frame rate is more of a problem because the FR for the digitised footage is 18.00 FPS). I have gone in to the 'Produce' tab and tried to set up a new custom profile with a frame rate of 18.00 (in the video tab of the Quality Profile Setup). However, 18.00 FPS is not available in the dropdown, only 15.00 FPS or the current default (23.976 FPS).

Can anyone advise how I can resolve this issue and if possible help with the other settings in the Quality Profile Setup for this type of footage, including apprpriate settings for Resolution, Profile Type, Entrophy Coding, Average Bitrate, Speed/Quality Indicator, Deblocking (Yes or No): -

I have attached a report of the digitised cine-film footage produced by MediaInfoOnline.

Any help would be really appreciated.


Hi all

Although PD 13 is now quite old it still serves me OK, so I'm looking to do a re-install of the software (I still have my original downloads and product key).

After a recent re-install of Windows 10 onto a new SSD drive I now have the following split of internal disc space and need some help deciding on the most appropriate install location(s) of PD 13 and any associated software in order to get the best out of the software by utilising disc resources in the most approriate way.

C:/ - 512GB Internal SSD Drive (476GB free) - Used intially for Windows 10 OS (and any programs/data where there is no option to install in a different location).

D:/ - 1TB Internal Storage Drive (507GB free) - Used for all other programs and as much data as possible so that drive C:/ can be used primarily for the Windows 10 OS

E:/ 120GB Internal SSD Drive (120GB free) - My previous C:/ Drive. I intend to format this drive and used it for additional programs/storage.

F:/ 1TB External Drive (500GB free) - Backups and extra storage

From previous posts I understand that it may be beneficial to split the install between the above drives. (I.E. main program on one drive, media & projects on another and previews/cache/exports on a third drive etc etc?

Can anyone give recommendations on the best install process and equally importantly, how to actually achieve this with the Cyberlink software?

Any help much appreciated.

Hi, I have two drives on my PC, a 120GB SSD Drive which I am using mainly for the Windows 8.1 OS and a separate 1TB hard drive which I am using for practically everything else. Having just purchased PowerDirector 13 and AudioDirector 5, should I install these programs on the 120GB SSD or the separate 1TB hard drive? I was intending to install the programs on the SSD and all data and projects on the separate hard drive. Is this the best way forward? Any guidance much appreciated. Thanks.
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