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I have looked in both system32 and sysWOW64, but not really sure what I am looking for.
For some reason, the forum often errors out when I post. Not sure why. Trying again (and its not letting me - only a couple sentences)
PD8 is 32 bit - one of the reasons it works so easily with 3rd party codecs. Where (and what) might I look for the 32 bit DLLs?
Trying to figure out something similar with a brand new GTX780 (thanks to SoNic67 commenting on my GTX 260 a few weeks back...)

I am using both PD13 and PD8. PD13 is better in every way except working with external codecs (like VC1) which I have been unable to do so far with PD13.

PD13 will do HA with both 338.88 and the latest, 347.25. With 337.88, PD8 retains full HA capability. PD13, on the other-hand, has full HA with one big exception - interlaced AVC. Given that most of my home videos are currently in 1080i and I take advantage of SVRT, PD13's ability to work with 1080i AVC and do HA is highly desirable.

With 347.25, interlaced AVC becomes HA enabled. But PD8 loses all HA. I have tried to use the 3 DLLs (SoNic67 nicely highlighted) with 347.25, but PD8 still does not get HA.

Any thoughts on either:
1 - How to get HA to work for PD8 with 347.25 given that PD8 can do HA with this card under 337.88. OR
2 - How to get HA to work for PD13 with 337.88 for AVC interlaced given that it does so with 347.25.

Thanks Dafydd. Reading through it now....will probably understand the constraints and options well when finished and will post anything additional on this topic there.

On a more basic level, it would indeed be great if they allowed disc creation profiles (especially on Blu Ray) to line up better with PRODUCE profiles. Quality and time. Or if nothing else, on really high Bit rate profile that would SVRT any compliant file under that bit rate.

SVRT is an incredibly compelling and advantageous feature to this program. It is well implemented and flexible in PRODUCE but fairly hamstrung in DISC CREATION.
Don't know how to report bugs, so thought I would do it here.

Using Power Director 13 Ultra, SR VDE141209-01, latest update (240.

When I place clips on the timeline and go to set their clip (TV) format, I notice that PD no longer handles this correctly. If you set the format for the wrong thing (progressive, interlaced-topfield-first, i-bottom-field), PD will lose track of what the the REAL format is and any attempt to "scan and suggest format" will be ineffective - always suggesting the item you picked. Previous versions behaved correctly.

BTW - I too have suffered from the infamous dissapearing-UI elements.
Used PD8 for years for HD-AVC/H.264 video editing and mostly really liked it, especially the quality preservation with SVRT (to me, even more important than the speed gain).

Pulling my head out on a project today. I edited several large (multi-Gig) segments extensively in PD13 and then produced to a single M2TS file. Ultimately making a Blu-Ray, but my practice is to produce a final, single file first before I do the disc creation part. Works better for me.

Begin Disc Creation with produced file. 20% into the render (roughly a 20GB project, with motion menus), it would kick down from SVRT to HA without SVRT. I can easily see it because the encoding progress suddenly slows down dramatically and all 8 threads on my i7-920 start getting pegged simultaneously as it recodes. More than anything, I did not want to lose any quality to recode as these various source files had already had a couple generations of encode. Tried it and retried it multiple ways and every time the same result at the same point.

Then, for grins, I loaded that final, single file produced in PD13 into PD-8 and ran the same disc creation to the same profile and voila - it SVRT'd the whole way through. I can also try to PRODUCE the file instead, yet again in PD13 and it will SVRT. Something allows PD13 to SVRT on the same file in PRODUCE but not DISC CREATION.

Both the produce profile and disk creation profiles are:
1920x1080 60i, H.264 M2Ts. Beyond that, there are, of course, a number of options in the PRODUCE profiles not available when creating a disc. I used the defaults PD came with.

What's particularly odd about this is that the File I am trying to use for disc creation, that WILL SVRT in PD8 but not in PD13, was Produced in PD13 to begin with.....

Any ideas???

I did find where Dafydd talked about incorporating older profiles in the profile.ini file for producing files when SVRT stopped working in a newer release (old post). Wondering if there is a similar config file for disc creation that can be tweaked?
SoNic67 - but having trouble making it take my posts.

Big thanks. You got me headed down the right path. I was still using NV driver 197.59 because it was VERY stable. 197.59 SHOULD have enabled HA in PD13. When I went to render(produce), it showed as an available option. I put your 3 DLLs into the sys32 directory. Interestingly, that DISABLED the HA option with 197.59. So loaded 337.88 and it's native DLLs, and now it works correctly - exact same speed as PD8.

Have to admit I am surprised it is actually not faster - 5 generations later and 64 bit. Is like-for-like AVC encoding speed basically unchanged over multiple gens, or does my result suprise you?

Thanks again.
Researching SVRT (having issues) and came across this post. 5 months old now so may not be seen.

But I would add two things.

1 - SVRT can definitely improve speed, but just as importantly, it preserves the quality of the source video it is able to smart-render (SVRT) because it does not re-encode it. That's a big deal in my book.

2 - Allowing SVRT on single IVR H.264 video will sometimes enable SVRT where it would not work if that was not checked.
This chain is about a year old but I came across it because I was running into this exact issue with PD 13, with the latest patch.

It is unlinking audio and video and when I am trimming or deleting clips, the audio and video go completely out of synch. I have found no fix for this. VERY frustrating and is tempting me to go back to PD8 (my last version which, while not perfect, had very few bugs and was pretty darn stable).

An old problem that has reappeared?
I am a long time registered user of PowerDirector 8 and decided it was time to upgrade to 13.

Using the trial version AND, subsequently, a full (ultimate) package I bought on line, I noticed PD13 was only encoding AVC video at 1/2 the speed of PD8. Stunned and disappointed. Cyberlink's marketing literature talked everywhere about massive speed increases. A 50% reduction in speed is simply unacceptable but I hope is resolvable

My platform:
Windows 7, SP1, 64bit
CPU - Intel i7 920 (4 core, 8 thread)
GPU - Nvidia GeForce GTX 260, driver 197.59

I have used more recent drivers also (a couple) with the same 2x result but reverted to 197.59 because it has been a VERY stable release, shouldn't make a difference if it works with PD8, AND your support says to stay BELOW release 340.3 to maintain hardware acceleration.

I also have the latest patch (240 installed.

Lastly, PD 8 was only 32 bit, but PD13 is a 64bit install.
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