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I should'nt have read your post ! I have spent the last 3 days re-installing my radeon rx560 and making a lot of system changes. I settled on MPC-BE64 with madVR. I downloaded it from shark codecs. I have to say so far it is quite fantastic ! I do like the way the rx560 responds with MPC-BE64 very smooth, a big leap forward ! I am using a mix of MK3D's and iso's.Thanks for the focus change.

Says who??? Not cyberlink for sure!

I have a RX 560 I have given up on, the 3D is spuratic at best, lots of crashes and confusing software (ATI - AMD have always had a software problem) I switched back to an Nvidia EVGA GTX 1060 and use the last 3D drivers they will ever develop. I dont know how long this will last but for now it is the final solution for me !
I have Powerdvd 17 & 18 and they both work great ! Powerdvd 19 seems to have nothing in the upgrade department that is really useful to me, but it has the audio sync problem. I believe that rather than spend money on more of the same I will use what I have. Thanks for responding I do appreciate it a lot !
Under audio output synchronization I use .30 sec delay for 3D movies with Powerdvd 17 and 18 and have never had a problem, but with Powerdvd 19 it will not stay selected. I have to reset it each time I play a movie. I am not sure why but if this problem was fixed I would have no problem upgrading but not until then.

Windows 10 64
Nvidia GTX 1060 with 385.41 Drivers
This has been a problem for several years ! I see several posts of consumers reporting this problem to tech support and yet no resolution. Audio sync can be adjusted beautifully in regular mode but is not available in cinema mode. This makes no sence at all. But there are several ongoing issues with PowerDVD that have never been addressed and I dont suppose they ever will be ! Cyberlink would do very well to listen to customer feedback !!!! I know this post will fall on deaf ears but I had to get it out. PowerDVD is not the last pay player for 3D bluray. Stereoscopic player is looking very good and does not have these problems. Please listen to your customers.
I have searched the Internet and the Cyberlink POWERDVD 14 forum and nowhere can I find a keyboard shortcut to turn 3D on or off without using the mouse. I have read other threads and there is never a straight answer just an implication that the user does not know how to use use his or her equipment. A suggestion to one customer was to use "CINEMA" mode which he was already doing this is of course no help even if it did solve the problem. I do not wish to use "CINEMA" mode I do not enjoy the blue backdrop with the spinning circles and limited control over the system. I enjoy the standard view as it starts up immediately. Note alsothat the audio delay feature does not work in "CINEMA" mode, it is necessary to playback 3D iso's I need a 30 ms delay it does not work in "CINEMA" mode. Please help myself and others with this simple request.....A KEYBOARD SHORTCUT TO TURN THE 3D FEATURE ON AND OFF.

Thanks for your help
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