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Quote PDVD 16 has 5 public builds so far: 1510 (original release), 1713, 1907, 2011, and 2406.

1510 is regression free but the key might be out-dated for new BD releases.

1713, control auto hide regression occurs

1907, BD folder won't play regression occurs (I have reported this bug last year to Hicharm and it's fixed in 2406)

2011, same as 1907

2406, fixed BD folder issue (just hit space and/or play button on keyboard/remote), but auto hide regression still exist.

So for most PDVD 16 users, you have 2 choices: if you want regression free and don't care about new BD release, downgrade to the earliest 1510; if you can live with and walkaround the annoying control auto hide issue, upgrade to the latest 2406. Just skip any build in between. Most people would choose 2406

I orginally thought PDVD17 (I use the Live subscription) had fixed the V16 issues but I have now experienced most of these myself but no longer have my previous V16 installers. As I use PDVD Live I cannot find old installers anywhere on the website

Does anyone know of an FTP site or somewhere I can access old PowereDVD Live installers?
I also think that going from a 45" tv TO A 60" TV was the main reason I converted from DVD to Blu-ray in the first place. I also moved the TV onto the smaller wall from the sofa and then finally I could see the true awesome difference between DVD and Blu-Ray then spent a few grand replacing my entire DVD collection with Blu-Rays. To go from Blu-Ray to 4K would require another massive increase in TV size to at least 70" or larger at which point my lounge simply can't take the TV size

I will point out that I have 20-20 vision, don't need glassses and had my eyes lazered to make them more or less perfect

I also think the 4K format is too young to get the best results from all discs. There are tons of 2K masters upscaled to 4K. I'm gonna wait until the inevitable re-masters into true 4K before I go near this format. And hopefully in a few years we will be able to actually play this stuff on reasonably specced PCs with discrete gamings grahics cards
Quote Always annoying, though, to have to buy a paid upgrade just to get a bug-fix.

I suspect Cyberlink is going to find PDVD 17 a bit of a hard sell, for those of us who are outright purchasers. Without getting UHD, there's really nothing in it to make the upgrade appealing. And the hardware upgrades required to make use of that aspect of PDVD 17 are a serious challenge financially. So I'm hoping Cyberlink might have some consideration for its customers and issue at least one more bug fix for PDVD 16.

UDH for me is a joke. No discrete graphics card support, the latest Intel processors only (why the f??? would I want to use that when I have a discrete graphics card?), plus the removal of 3D support and I need to buy a new TV. Fuck off! I'll wait for the successor to UDH and see what that brings. Quite happy with my 3D 1080p 60" TV for the time being and I can't see me wanting that extra resolution without the 3D that I love so much. They just went and screwed it all up basically...
I renewed my annual subscription for PowerDVD live and upgraded to V17. Problem solved. Not great that we have to pay for the fix but if you are a subscriber you have to pay regardless or the software shuts down. Currently I can't find any major issues in PDVD Live 17....
I reverted back to PowerDVD Live 16 build 1510 and this problem has gone
I reverted back to PowerDVD Live 16 build 1510 and this problem has gone
I am running PowerDVD Live 16 on the 2406 build. When I play a 3D Blu-ray title in full-screen mode, PowerDVD switches my computer into the 1080p 3D stereoscopic resolution and enables 3D mode on my TV which is all great, but then the disc starts playing back in 2D. Some discs have 2D intros or 2D trailers, but will have a 3D menu - in this situation the menu will be rendered in 2D, and I can't tell if a trailer should have rendered in 3D or not

The fix is dead easy - I just move the mouse so the playback controls appear for a few seconds, and the image gets rendered in 3D and then stays this way

So this could be related to mouse handling or the playback controls in some way, but every single 3D title I have played on the 2406 build will start off in 2D mode until I move the mouse

Anybody else seen this?
Quote Running PDVD16 on Windows 7 x64. The revision 2406 has an issue with fullscreen, with the controls bar across the bottom not auto-hiding as it should.

It's hard to be definitive as to the circumstances in which this occurs, but I know for instance whenit's in fullscreen and I pause a playing Blu-ray, and then restart it a couple of minutes later, the controls bars (top and bottom) then stay visible.

In case this helps I can reproduce this problem 100% reliably all the time:

If I open PowerDVD as a normal window then start playback in the window, then switch to full screen mode the controls will not hide

I have to maximise PowerDVD in a clean program session BEFORE starting playback. Now the controls will hide. If I then switch out of full screen mode and then go back to full screen mode the control no longer hide

Once the controls are not hiding, nothing I have done so far makes them hide. I have to start with a new session of PowerDVD
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