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Re issue of chapters and subtitles being linked to original time on timeline. I too have needed to insert a clip in an existing project timeline which already includes chapters and subtitles. I called phone support and they said to select all the chapters and subtitles and then use Group Objects to move them. That sounded like a solution but I can't select just the chapters and subtitles to then use group objects to adjust the timeline so it syncs with the added time of the inserted clip.
Please advise if you know how to do that.
As to inserting chapters and subtitles after completion of the project. Both the chapters (30) and subtitles (60) are difficult to ID when going back through the project.

Thanks to all of you who take the time to pass on your knowledge and experience.
Experimenting with menu designer to create basic menu w/o thumbnails. I have found that I can decrease the size of the thumbnail to its smallest size and then move each thumbnail to the corner. I have overwritten each thumbnail in the same area of the corner. It appears to be outside the TV safe area so it hopefully won't show. I have 10 per menu page with two pages for 20 chapters. Am I on the right track or will I not be able to do this?
Thanks for your fast reply.
You mentioned that your instructions don't save the actual rendered project but the locations etc. I assume that it would then have to be rendered which takes 1 hr 40 mins. Is there a way to save a rendered version to a file which can then be just burned to disc without taking time to render it?
How do I save a rendered project to a HDD so I can later burn it to a DVD. I'd also like to be able to edit it later in PD 12.
I've used, PRODUCE>DEVICE>HDD. But it saves in HD which I do not now need and shows aprox 9 hours to completion.
Burning a 1 hour project with chapters, subtitles, rotations and crops took 1 hr 40 minutes to burn to DVD, which is fine.
Also is there a glossary of terms for PD 12.
Thanks over the last several months I've looked at several editing packages. Obviously I have a lot to learn.

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