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I am trying

even my browser is slow
I hope I did this right :/
Hello, I am a youtuber who records let's plays with:

OBS, an Elgato HD capture card, Logitech webcam capture, Stella (Atari 2600 emulator), a
Blue Snowball Mic, a C920 webcam, Power Director 14 and a Samsung Cronos 7 laptop (2.40
Ghz processor, 12.0 GB of RAM)

When I record, very often, I get errors of video FPS dropping, MIC
cutting out, and Audio/video tracking out of sync in the recordings
made. These errors are so bad that it makes the video unusable.
I learned recently that laptop over heat and cause slowness and
processor errors, is this the source of my problems, or I am I simply
trying to record gameplay in a poor/difficult way? I am uncertain as to
what I can do.

Can you help me identify what is wrong here?

Thank you for your time and help.
thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok. sorry I am on time crunch and the stress is getting to me.
sorry i wasted your time
Slow zoom?
Yes that! Please how do i do it?
This is what i need to do:
How do I use power director 14 to slowly zoom in on to an overlayed video? I am doing a Let's play and I need to zoom in on the video of myself in the corner slowly untill it fill the screen. I have tried crop and zoom, but I cannot controll where I zoom into. I tried the zoom in speacial effect, but I still cannot achieve the effect i want. Can you help me?
Thankyou so much!
what i need to do is use crop/zoom without the zoom.
I have two video clips both recorded by an unmoved camera. I need to crop one so that i can overlay it on top of the other, thus creating a slipt screen effect. Like this:

(see attechments)

but in video form.

Please tell me that the only way isn't to edit it in photoshop elements frame by frame.

PLease help!
Problem is still unsolved. I still get a conflict of frame rates message
the recorded clip IS 30 fps. the problem is that PD is using 29.97. this is what's creating my problem.
Hello, in my PD 14, I noticed that the 30 fps project setting is accualy 29.97. in an hour long video this cuases a slight audio video unsyncing in the final export. the video I record is with a logitech web cam and I do not know how to change what it records at. what can i do to get the project and the video's FPS to sync up in the time line

Please help.
In power director 12, when I export a video in mov file type why does the audio stat tracking a head of the video towards the end? What could be causing this? Please help!
The file is mov to mov.

Data Rate 272kbps

Total bit rate 323kbps

Frame rate 30 FPS
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