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The file is mov to mov.

Data Rate 272kbps

Total bit rate 323kbps

Frame rate 30 FPS
I have a 1h 36min video. It is a 16:9 that was squished into a 640x480 4:3 ar.

All I did was fix the AR and now I can't get it to export a file smaller than 39 gb!

What am I doing wrong?
Just tried several permutations of expoting of all them showed the same error for that video.
Hello, sir, I exported the two videos as you said, but the game play footage was originally 4:3 and I exported it to 16:9. When I did the audio and video for that vid was out of sync with the audio tracking a head of its video. When I try and export it as 4:3 it make a 6-9 gb file for twenty minutes. Why is this please?
Default to the smaller dimesions. what if they have different aspect ratios? One is 4:3 the other 16:9.
Right click on one of the clips and click View Properties.
In the file section... Take note of the File Type
In the Video section... Take note of the Frame Rate and Frame Type.

Repeat for the other clip.

Compare the data. If it matches then I dunno. If it doesn't match,
there may be a difference in the number of frames causing the two to get
out of sync.

If they are different, can I manually match them?
Hello, I am trying to sync two videos for simutanious view as in the linked video below


However, I cannot get them to sync up correctly as in my own video linked below


I can adjust the two timeline tracks to be somewhat synced at a single point, but the sync drifts

further apart as the video goes on. How do I get the two to be consistant when the same event happens in both videos?

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