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Quote That's very strange. I tried it on an existing project [CDR (3).cds] and I saw the same issue with motion tracking not working, but when I created a new project and imported the same clip, everything worked normally. I also got it to work by creating a new workspace, which keeps the existing media clips in the library.

Does creating a new project or new workspace solve the issue on your system?

Hi. I tried both of your suggestions. Both of them improved my situation, but the problem persists. I can now go about 10 frames before the image disappears.
After I have created a motion tracking mask, when I go back frame by frame to touch up the edges my image disappears. I can get the image to reappear by right clicking the panel and changing the quality setting, but as soon as I advance to the next frame the image disappears again.
Eureka!!! Thank you borgus1!!!
I have added an effect to a clip and I would now like to remove that effect. How do I do that?
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