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I have produced a file in PowerDirctor14 which i have saved. The Produce file is top quality when i open it with PowerDirector14. However when I add this file to the payne for burning in Power2Go both the results in preview and the burned disk are very poor with broken flashing lines which didn't appear in the original Produce file. I know I can achieve a top quality burned disk with Power2Go because I have made one but unfortunately I can't remember which buttons I pressed! Can anyone help please as i cannot find a solution to this problem.
Many thanks for your interest. I beleive I got into a muddle saving projects in the wrong sequence. ie I should have saved each project under a new name before I shutdown instead of saving the project as a new name at the opening stage. Anyway the problem has gone away except that I get PDR has stopped working on the screen a bit too often and this can destroy a project.
Was having great success with projects but gradually over several months all new saved projects have refused to open even when opened immediately after saving them. If I try saving a project with the used name a message comes up saying it already exists which is true but it wii not open. Any ideas please?
Projects repeatably refuse to open losing many valuable hours of work. How can I fix this. I use Windows7 64 bit operating system.
saved projects refuse to open even when saved under new name. Occasionally a project will open but I lose more than 99 percent of them.
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