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I have been burning dvds regularly with PowerDirector 15 on my Windows 10 computer (Intel i7 with 16 GB RAM). I have had no issues until this week ,,, now I always get the above error code about 24% of the way into the authoring process no matter what I try to burn. Nothing has changed in my system and the mp4 files I am editing are no different from those always used used in the past.

I am running the latest version of Power Director 15. I have not uninstalled the progam, but I did reinstall the latest update. That did not do anything. What in the world is going on??
This is really a message to the programming group responsible for the development of PowerDirector. I downloaded and tested the latest version of the program to see if the video cropping problem has finally been addressed. Specifically, the program has always limited the insertion of key frames in close proximity to each other in long video clips. In long videos, one may have to wait 30 seconds of running time to insert a new key frame. This limitation makes absolutely no sense and precludes brief zoom ins and outs. The only solution is to split a long clip, which I do not wish to do.

I would love to upgrade to a new version of PowerDirector, but am not prepared to do so until this simple issue has been resolved. Would someone in the programming group please advise if this is being addressed and whether a patch can be prepared to rectify the issue.
Thanks for the confirmation, Tony. One would think that this should be one of the easiest programming fixes imaginable. Which probably means it will never be effected.
Thanks for the reponse. I have looked at the Modify window, and it does allow the placing of keyframes in very close proximity to each other, as well as allowing the user to zoom in and out of the timeline within the window. Those features are sadly lacking in the crop window, Alas, the Modify window does not seem to give me what I want, which is a simple way to zoom in and out of a video file. The Motion effect in the Modify window just seems to shift the entire picture along a path. I'm really surprised this issue has not been raised and dealt with in the past.
I have had one major issue with PowerDirector 8 that has not been rectified in version 11 -- that is, the usefulness of the cropping window. I work with fairly long video files that may run an hour or so. I often want to use the crop tool to zoom in and out periodically, However, PowerDirector will not allow me to set keyframes in the crop window that are close enough to each other -- it is often up to 10 seconds of run-time before I can set a new keyframe. No other video editing program that I have used has this limitation -- they will either allow me to set keyframes virtually on top of each other or will allow me to zoom in and out of the crop window timeline.

Yes, I know that I could chop the video file into a number of small segments so that the crop window keyframes could be set closer in time, but I really do not want to do this. Am I missing something?
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