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Goodafternoon ladies and gentlemen,

I'm trying to upgrade from PowerDirector 16 to PowerDirector 18.

I have paid full version PD 16 but i did also pay for upgrade key PD18.

Is it possible to upgrade from 16 to 18? Do I have to pay for PD17 upgrade key?
YouTube Channel Name: Rob X Tiger Gaming


Video Title : My Favorite Top 10 - The Most Beautiful Women I've Ever Seen In My Life

YouTube Link :
Hello ladies and gentlemen,

My name is Robert and I'm more than 5 years members of CyberlinkPowerdirector.

What I really want from our PowerDirector users is to share his / her creative ideas with us, so we can grow a lot faster and more fun. Probably we will get in the future a new topic called "PowerDirector Social".

But for now all I what I see on this forum, is only issues or asked needed for help. This is not the right spot if you want to share you video with another PowerDirector Users.

I want to change this forum because none of them asked about sharing your creative ideas and/or our creative ideas from other PowerDirector users.

That is where the problem lies.

I want to see different creative ideas from another Cyberlink PowerDirector users at this forum and able to show off his/her videos to us.

If you want to show off you recently made YouTube video, so here is the spot.

And then we can watch them, gives likes and drop a comment if you wish. And of course, talk about idea's what you made.

We really need that, please do it if your ideas are worth to share with us. Join together as a unity.

Put your YouTube Links here below.

Example :

YouTube Channel Name: YT_Name

Link: YT_Channel_Link

Video Title : YT_VideoTitle

YouTube Video link : YT_VideoLink

My english is not very accurate and I'm very sorry for that.
And I also did my best. I hope you really appreciate this topic.
There are better ways to use music for free, no pay, no money. You are thinkin', no pay no cure, that is not true.

But use music without copyright is really possible.

Music channels without music copyrights.

Youtube links

  1. NoCopyRightSounds

  2. Rewind Remix

I use this and have no problem with copyrights, you should try that.
Quote: There is no easy, built in way to do that. Frame by frame may be the easiest way. Maybe some of the tools in the Director Suite, but I don't have that and cannot comment on it.

You got right, probably this will be added in the future versions of PowerDirector, who knows.
Thanks for your response
Hi ladies and gentlemen,

I got a question for you.

I'm confused if it's even possible to capture whole body of Arnold Swarzenneger in Terminator 2 and then paste into another movie Predator. Of course, Arnold Swarzenneger is also moving.

Another (long) solution, make every frame a snapshot and then make them transparent and then copy all transparent snapshots into PowerDirector 11. But this costs so much time, is there an another way to do this ?

The link :
Time : 01:55 - 02:00 , i put a character of Gears of War (game series) into that short trailer.
All snapshots were made with Adobe Photo Elements (transparent png's). So one second, 29 frames, 29 transparent png's.

I want to do this because i'm currently working at Gears of War Origins (fanmade movie).

I hope you can understand what i'm saying.
Please help me

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