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As the Title says which version of PowerDVD does not require Windows 10 HDR to toggled on?
Quote: Where did you get the mkv files? What format is used in the mkv file?

The program should see and play the videos look here:

Does your computer meet or exceed all the requirements given here:

Just as a test, dowmload and run either VLC and/or DivX player to see if they play the files.

You misunderstood the topic of this thread, file playing is not the issue. The issue is that you cannot right click and get information on the file thats playing. You have to go into settings and click information to get the video and audio information of the file. Now as I stated PowerDVD 15 does not have this issue, I believe PowerDVD 16 either was coded wrong on this functionality or it was intentional. Now if it was intentional they should really reverse that coding and bring back the right click functionality that was coded correctly in PowerDVD 15.
Its there, play a mkv, right click settings, left side click information. Don't know if its a coding issue that the context menu functionality is not working.
Playing MKV right click context menu show information is greyed out. Can someone else confirm there having this issue playing MKV's, was working in v15....Thanks.
Quote: I actually came here today because I'm having the same problem. I put a ticket in a week ago and have no responses of any kind.

Previously they have been pretty quick to respond.

Well they reset my activation.

My advice to you is to upload two screenshots, one of the activation window with your key and the other of the error window.

Next get your VS Code:

Now give them free call, they will ask you for VS code, let them know your issue and what you uploaded-attached to ticket.
Quote: Deviant,

I have learned there is none of CL administration on this site but once in awhile they do read some of the posts and will respond. However be patient some of the contributors and senior contributors will provide you with some guidance very soon.



Thanks I appreciate your response, I will wait patiently.
Can admin here look into this. I contacted support and I have a ticket, I also uploaded requested screen shot of activation window with my key and the error it produced. Support has not gotten back to me nor reset my activation.

Here is my Ticket ID: CS001595358

Thanks in advance for your help.
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