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OK thanks: very helpful.


It didn't disappear. Go to the Music library and click on the mic icon:

Try turning off the Continue Playback After Seeking option from Settings (gear icon).

Yeah, that's all but useless. The screenshot show my selection much clearer than on my phone and even it's barely noticeable:

Go to Settings > FAQs & Feedback and ask the developers to change that ASAP.
The new version that was pushed a couple days ago is pretty, I guess. But it screwed stuff up.

  • Where's the record voiceover feature? Seems to have been lost in the shuffle. Really need this functionality: wtf!?

  • Used to be when I played to the end of a selected clip, it would stop right at the end so I could work with the keyframe. No more: just cruises past the clip (seems you can't play just a selected clip any more, only the whole timeline).

  • The visual indication of my selection when I specify the resolution of the video when I go to produce is now super hard to see -- blue on blue.

Turns out it was due to a different problem: a second monitor I had plugged into my machine via USB-C to HDMI adapter. Once I unplugged the monitor, files and folders read no problem.


Thanks for posting the solution, it'll be helpful for others to reference.

PowerDirector Moderator.
In the end I was able to resolve this by explicitly granting access to my Google account for the PDM app.

I've attached a screenshot of the resulting security alert I got on my phone.

Why PDM didn't ask, and why it showed thumbnails of the folders etc. without this access I cannot say.

Thanks for your help!
Even Color Board doesn't do anything when I click it.

Quote For Google Drive, I know you have to have already signed in from within the PD Mobile app before any content will show up. You can also try the Refresh button:

On my main screen, I have several folders available from other apps

I don't know how to tell PDM to search for more folders, but you can try uninstalling/reinstalling and also open up other apps and maybe download or save some content with them and see if PDM becomes aware of the new content.
I am trying to use PowerDirector (8.0.0) on my Pixelbook Go. The app installs fine, I can create a project no problem. But when I go to add media, only the Stock Video/Photo and capture options work. Clicking on local or Google Drive folders does exactly nothing. There are images and videos there; I can view them from elsewhere no problem; my permissions are set to allow access to storage for the app. I've reinstalled the app, but same deal: can't add video or photos to my project.
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