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Quote Yes. You can do it the same way as you have been doing it since PD10.

Thank you for the speedy reply, I'm now downloading pd17

Kind regards
I've always used the upgrade option since powerdirector 10. The last time I upgraded was to Director suit 5 that included powerdirector 15 ultimate. Can I upgrade to powerdirector 17 ultimate without any problems.
Thank you for the replies. I will look into your suggestions
I used a transition a couple of years ago but I can't find it anymore or what it was called.
When it was transitioning from one photo to another It would start by filling in the darkest areas first and finish off with the lightest areas of the first photo. I've included some YouTube links of the work I did so you can fully understand what this transition did. Hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction for this transition.
When PD11 come out it said it was alot faster then PD10. This is why I upgraded to PD11.

I have reinstalled powerdirector 10 onto a new laptop & then installed PD11 upgrade on after. I have been running PD11 since it come out & always thought it was slower then PD10 but have never done a back to back test on them.
Well today i did a test.
The test file was 1920X1080 .MTS from a sony HD camcorder. Video length 1m40s
I converted this file to 5 different file outputs & recorded their conversion times in PD10 & PD11. All file outputs were set to the same in both.
Test 1. converted to mpeg2 720x576 data rate 8000kbps
PD10 0m24s PD11 1m03s
Test 2. converted to mpeg4 720x576 data rate 2000kbps
PD10 0m57s PD11 1m22s
Test 3. converted to mpeg4 1280x720 data rate 6000kbps
PD10 2m07s PD11 2m17s
Test 4. converted to mpeg4 1920x1080 data rate 13000kbps
PD10 4m28s PD11 5m02s
Test 5. converted to AVCHD 720X576 data rate 6000kbps
PD10 1m13s PD11 1m48s
As you can see PD10 wins hands down for speed & looking at the videos back to back i cannot see any difference in quality. I was thinking of upgrading to PD12 but would like to see some back to back test done on PD10 PD11 & PD12. From looking at the forum no one as said PD12 is faster then PD11 or PD10.
When converting 1920x1080 M2TS To 1920x1080 Mpeg4 with the same profile. The SVRT comes on. My 1st video converted & played spot on but others converted have a black screen. All video is from the same camcorder.
Dafydd Bevan

Thanks for this info. I had a good play around with making Profile settings & found it interesting on how low a bitrate 1920x1080 will goto without to much loss in quality.
1 question. Can AVI files be profiled some how.
I have upgraded from pd10 to pd11 ultimate. When converting 1920x1080 video too mpeg2 The cpu is 35% idle when converting too a low resolution output. But the higher the resolution is. The lower the cpu idle is.
PD10 would run the cpu flat out all the time.
The cpu is a core 2 duo.
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