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I´m frustrated too frown.
I apologize for not asking a question, but I need to vent a little.
My previous version was 15. I had not upgraded because I didn't really need 4K or 360º capabilities. I finally upgraded to PD365 a couple of weeks ago and used it for a new project. PD crashes frequently, even with my 12GB system memory, but I was able to chug my way to finish the project. However, when I tried to burn a DVD, the authoring phase would crash with an error at 98% completion. I tried multiple times with different menu templates, but I couldn´t past that point until I removed the menu. Clearly the disc menus produce corrupt files that make the Authoring phase crash. Unfortunately going back to a previous version might not work either because the projects of one version are not compatible with later versions. I would have to start the project from scratch.

I know Cyberlink does not monitor these forums and I already submitted my ticket about the menu designer yesterday, but since I have not received answer, I am just venting here. I apologize again.
Quote Hello PointyHairedBoss,

These are fair questions, to which I've never given much thought.

In the Edit module, that message pops up if you make some edits then switch to another photo or a different module. If you opt to save the "Virtual Photo", it's stored in the cache folder for your project so that when you return to the edit module your edited photo is still in the same state you left it.

It is NOT the same as exporting the photo, which is an actual photo rather than stored data.

The saved virtual copy persists permanently, or until you delete it.


As far a I understand, a virtual photo is created automatically when one enters the Edit module. Why, then, is there a need to create another virtual photo if one switches to another photo or even to another feature for example from skin tools to face tools? It seems unnecessary and confusing. I am editing a couple hunderd photos and frequently want to apply skin smoothing for example to many photos and only then export. It is very annoying to have to essentially duplicate the entire set of photos. Am I missing something here? I seem to remember back in version 10 or 12 this extra step was not necessary.
I have a color card that I use to correct color. I take a picture of the card at the location and I use it to correct the color on all the photos taken at that location. In other software (Lightroom) one can select many photos and then apply the correction using the eyedroper tool on one of the photos. In PhotoDirector 6 I could not find a similar function. The closest I found is to create a preset with the reference photo and then apply that preset to other photos. My question is: Is it possible (and if so, how is it done) to apply the preset to a group of photos at once? It is a hassle to select each photo and apply the preset individually when you have hundreds of photos taken in the same location.

Thank you
I have Powerdirector 12 and I would upgrade if the disc creation tool were more flexible. The menu structure is woefully limited with only two buttons in the root menu and no way to add more. I will wait until a future version improves on that.
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