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to upgrade or not to upgrade
wrighty [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Jan 29, 2014 12:39 Messages: 13 Offline
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I've been using powerdirector 12 for a year now, and in the main I like it, however I have had a few issues esp creating blu rays.

I've been considering upgrading and going full hog to get ultimate suite which includes audio and colour director also. Thing is, its not exactly cheap and I'm struggling to really find any major difference or reason to upgrade other than the image stabilizer looks better (but it could be the sales pitch) and living in hope that the newer version may have updates and bug fixes.

I saw on another thread someone thought the new user gui is horrendous and the best advice he was given was if he didn't like it go back to powerdirector 12.

Is this really an all new better program worth my £119 or just a new gui to persuade us all to beleive its all new?

Any thoughts from mortals...
Senior Contributor Location: Norway, 50km southwest of Oslo Joined: Oct 08, 2008 04:12 Messages: 1070 Offline
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Hi wrighty,

I would say it all depends on what you are editing, how intensely you use the program
and what you feel your need to have working. Yes, there are some new things to find, more plugins
included, but sometimes it can be worth while to sit back for a little while and see what other people
experience. A new release of any software most likely have a few things that may need corrections.
If you are in to MultiCam, you’ll find new options – and if you are in to Titles, yes…. Transitions, yes –
and more export options. The question is; what do you need for your editing?

Just something.
Senior Contributor Location: N.S.W. Australia Joined: May 08, 2009 02:06 Messages: 9977 Offline
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Hi wrighty -

I saw on another thread someone thought the new user gui is horrendous and the best advice he was given was if he didn't like it go back to powerdirector 12.

I'm not sure of the reasons behind that user's opinion about the GUI. It seems like an odd comment to me, given that (visually, at least) the GUI looks not dissimilar to PDR12... just a bit cleaner.

With PDR12, there were issues for users with higher resolution monitors. The GUI didn't "upscale" (or whatever the correct term is). PDR13 resolves that apparently. I have no way of knowing because my monitors are 1920x1080, bit PDR13 does have a "High DPI mode".

Nina's advice, as usual, is good. The best thing to do is try the thing out and see if it suits you. I certainly wouldn't base a choice on unsubstantiated claims & opinions OR sales blurbs.

Cheers - Tony

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Mau1wurf1977 [Avatar]
Member Joined: Jul 14, 2012 00:55 Messages: 58 Offline
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Last year there was a huge bug to do with Nvidia drivers and they fixed the newer version faster. That was the main reason I upgraded. This time around I'm not sure. PD 12 isn't lacking anything for what I do so I guess I will wait and see.
wrighty [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Jan 29, 2014 12:39 Messages: 13 Offline
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following the advice above, i downloaded the trial and had a little play the other day.

- the gui is really not that different to pd12
- i do think the image stabilizer is a big improvement over the previous version

to be fair i havent used it allot so i cannot comment on other deeper features, however on the whole i would say its a struggle to tell the difference over last years.

i may still upgrade purely because i did not have audio and colour director which i had a look at and look interesting, and combined with the image stabilizer its a feature that i could do with, however the upgrade cost is astronomical and not the way to keep existing users on board by upgrading every year

considering adobe premiere pro cc only works out £7.66 per mth more and it can be paid mthly, theres not allot in it if your paying £119 every year to upgrade powerdirector

of course once you buy director theres nothing to say you have to upgrade every year, compared to adobe if you stop your subscription you have nothing to show for it.
Raff11 [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Oct 20, 2012 00:26 Messages: 4 Offline
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I have Powerdirector 12 and I would upgrade if the disc creation tool were more flexible. The menu structure is woefully limited with only two buttons in the root menu and no way to add more. I will wait until a future version improves on that.
wrighty [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Jan 29, 2014 12:39 Messages: 13 Offline
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i have to say from reading through quite a few of the other reviews now of pd13, its a mixed bag.

It seems apparent that cyberlink are more concerned about releasing a new product with new revenue every year than actually listening to its users and trying to sort out some fundamental flaws and problems.

I was looking forward this weekend to buying the upgrade, but now looks like i will be spending the next few days looking at other products(i could wait 6 mths, perhaps not have the 10% deal on now, still end up buying it and none of the bugs get repaired whilst they invest their time on creating pd 14)

im disappointed to say the least, i have spent many hours on pd12 getting to grips with it, and do not really want to find another editing program (they all seem to have their issues anyway, including the late premiere pro 6 when you could buy it)

do the manufacturers not realise they will get more users with great reviews, and they will get great reviews if they listen to their customers and just make a product that:
- works without crashing endlessly
-makes use efficiently of what pc power you have
-a low cost easy version for beginners, and a mid cost more powerful version for prosumers
-stop wasting time on "packs" with silly animations - does anyone actually use these- if you want to create a unique dvd menu it looks better with a still image or clips from your own movie than some 1990's over the top cartoon animations
- make a dvd menu gui that is easy to accurately position txt

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