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Well this is quite interesting that you have to reinstall your Windows to fix this problem but the problem was something else anyways its good to know that you have resolved the issue.
Hi guys, i have DVD R/W ROM and wana know that for Blu-Ray Disc, do i need to purchase some Blu-Ray specific ROM like DVD ROM or CD ROM? Thanks
I am wondering why would Blu-Ray need that much free space at C:\ ?
Hi guys i am confused about Blu-Ray and DVD format. Can anyone please explain about the difference between these two? Thanks
there must be some configurations is this regard where you can set advertisements off... if not then i guess cyberlink should consider this as suggestion
I am using Win XP, will PowerDVD be compatible with Windows 7 if i upgrade my win xp? Thanks
Sometimes i get disk read error with power dvd but it runs with other media player. what could be the problem?
have you checked for your burn software installation?i guess there may be something wrong with your installation.
Hi i have a laptop machine of HP Core 2 duo and wana use Blu-ray/DVD player. Please let me know if this will work fine with me or i need to upgrade my machine. Thanks
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