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Anyone know what this error code is? E8810001
Quote: I have the latest version thank you very much and it doesn't play on my player and I'm not the only one complaining about it.

I did have the same problem when I first got the movie and damn near bought another player when there was no update on the site since October. But I thought I'd play around with it before dropping another $90 on another software player and I tried the updating from that tab inside the player itself and that fixed it right away. Sorry this didn't help you. I feel your pain, Dodgeball still does not play for me.
Quote: It's not an issue with the disc, it's a regression on PowerDVD. It used to play just fine. Suggest someone at Cyberlink try to reproduce this issue in the lab. I have the same issue. Factory disc purchased from amazon or best buy. No funny business.

Besides, who the hell are we going to call at Fox and once we do what are we going to tell them? How about this: "I'm using a soft-player on my computer that used to play your movie and now it won't now I want you to fix it."

Sure, that will work great. Step up Cyberlink Support your software.

Couldn't have said any better myself
Quote: And we are still waiting for them to fix powerdvd12 so it will play taken 2 bd even though older versions of the software will play it just fine.

Taken2 plays fine on my PowerDVD12 player. I had to run an update from the player itself, that little blue arrow in the upper left hand corner. (it will be in the update tab on the upgrade tap after you click on it)
I don't understand why I would contact Firestone about my fixing my Ford.

I put the disc in, hit play and PowerDVD gives me the red screen saying update the firmware. How is Fox going to fix this?
"Dodgeball" & "In the name of the king: a dungeon siege tale" do not play on PDVD 12. The latest patch 10/11 was installed and while the patch fixed some of the Fox title playability it has not fixed them all. Hope you guys get a new patch update out soon.
Quote: Hi,
the issue should be fixed with latest Patch released today:


The new patch still hasn't fixed all of the FOX titles yet. "Dodge Ball" still gives me the red screen.
While Stargate has been fix on the last patch, the Fox title "Dodgeball" has not. I still have the red screen telling me to update the players firmware. Just a heads up so you can fix it on the next patch.
Thanks for the info
Looking for an update that will allow me to watch two Fox titles:

Stargate "The Ark of Truth"


I had Power 10 but it did not play them either so Cyberlink gave me 11 when the issue didn't get resolved. All I get is a red screen and a message saying that the firmware of the player needs to be updated.

Can anyone play these titles on Power12?, before I go and buy a copy.
Product SKU: DVD-1000-IWU0-01
Product Name: Upgrade to PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D from 8/9 Ultra (Download version)

Do you use administrator or restricted user account? Administrator
Is your PowerDVD a Retail product or bundles with HW? No
Used VGA: ATI Radeon HD 5800 series
Used VGA driver version: 11.9
Used Audio device: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Fatality Pro
Used Audio device driver version:
Used Display(s): Samsung 55" LED 240Hz 3D & Dell 22"
Which kind of display connection (HDMI/DisplayPort/VGA/DVI): HDMI to The Samsung
Which display refresh rate do you use while Playback (24/25/50/60/120/...): 240Hz
Are you using single or dual monitor environment: Dual
Are you using clone or extended mode (if use two display): Extended
(3D only) Please provide detail info about 3D setting in PowerDVD
What kind of Antivirus SW are you using?: Nod 32
What is your default Internet Browser?: Firefox
Does the issue happen in Classic mode or CinemMode (MCE-Plug-In) or both?: CinemMode (MCE-Plug-In)
PowerDVD 10 ultra using patch 3322.
Windows 7 64 bit

When the disc is run a red screen appears that says unable to play and I need to update my players firmware.
A fox title that says I need to update my player in order to watch.

I'm using PowerDVD 10
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