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took me a re-read lol thanksto Carl I remembered PD16U had the paint. not to hard t ouse but it's not what you gonna want to do for perfect lines As you see in the program what the Designers made it will take some thought of your own to do that. so if I were t draw an arrow pointing to me you are going to see every single thing I do. you have to take the extra step to simply show the arrow as a photo and that may be a extra step or two to do there if it takes you ten minutes to draw on a 5 second clip your overlay will be 10 minutes. because you're using a recorder. PD needs to allow us a freeze frame also?
IMHO my thoughts out loud. great for road trips, I can draw on a 360 video. so as we advance to newer camera's so does our editor that is a good thing. there are tut's on the question is will I use this, No. I keep today basic, takes to much my time if asked thought I share again my opinion Marker is DULL no way to increase its marking Lol

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I save the email. I reloaded PD15 it will use some of the same programmed files. there are deals upgrading can cost a few dolalrs more then getting it new, the last sale was $52.00 less a penny for an ugrade. new was $49.00 and maybe a feature was one less.
Was the PD upgrade worth it???
Sometimes hte easist things can be complicated and rather make it worse, hope this quick vid helps out. there are two ways we can do this one in 360 project, the other in 2d platfor. Once we choose 2-d platform I do not ttink we can render to 3d. so it' one, or the other unless you are adding in a pip to 3d and that is another story.
so SPlitting is the key here and using viewdesigner.

For 360 you can simply do the same by using start view setting, and then Pip to advance in zoom etc..
what I show in a video if you do not know where to find say view designer. heck took me a while. so this video helps one person out, my job is done on here or YT thank you.

Coral did they not go belly up? from their editing program offered c/p
Record painting simply vidit coral video edtt softwre and you'll search for video studio ultimate 10X something like that

Or do you mean Rotopen

I remember using corel a number of years ago and liked the paint recording feature IMHO
Quote Hello,

I just upgraded to the Cyberlink Suite 6 - basically to get the editing software for 360 captures.
In reviewing the software and looking where the 360 software is in the PD16 softare I found in the help menu, many features not available in the PD 16 program.

They say it depends on what version you have. Well I have the PD 16 Ultimate version and expected to get a full suite of 360 editing tools. Any clues on this one?

Anyone have 360 experience and advice on the 360 cameras?



Action Director 3.0 is the 360 software you may want to look into. offers about the same as Powerdirector. 360 you won;t get it all. the ups on pd16 is the satabilization. one giant benefit the 360 camera does not have , even the fusion. its all post.
Quote Hello, i use PD16 (and 15 and Action Director 2/color director 5) to make small movies from the ActionCams.
One of them is a SALORA 360 ACTION CAM that i tend to attach to the stabilo but i cant get it to work in PD16.
It actually shows 2 bowls one is from can the second one back cam but i cant seen to get the type of view one sees in the 360 demo film from Cyberlink. These are 2 bowls that, when i select the 360 button get bigger and smaller but most of the screen reamins black.. Action cam allows you to zoom in but the quality of the video gets very poor but might very well be the cheap camera.
Waiting for PD UNIVERCITY but that will take some time but i leared a lot from there, could not have done anything without it.
Do you need special settings for the files MOV - 1920 * 960 - 12005Kbts 30 frames a second
Do i need some kind of conversion program to get the type of 3d file under PD16 that shows the film and not 2 bowls with hudge block spots. The camera views need to be stitched together. Is there a way?
Im kinda new with Video editing and it shows, a added the last on youtube - Joining Sylvester - when i joined my son having a flying lesson in a Diamond Star DA40. Always add music so nobody gets to see them which it better because im not that good at it.
Please help if you can
I use a WIN 10 PC and NVIDIA GTX 650, kindo old but much younger that i am

Thanks you for your help

Action Director 2/0 will stitch. you did import and did it sittch? you will see a percentage bar increase on the thumbnail, do you?
For anyone who runs into a simple issue that may result in hours of frustration..

Loaded PD11, set up by the windows prompts, and shadow was chosen, to speed up video viewing. On we go, load files, edit produce, repeat, and come back at a later time, to find a green preview screen to the right corner of the monitor where you view the video. No matter what you do your program fails to work right.

Stop, and right click on the green screen and you will see a number of choices, and choose preview quality, some how it was changed by automatic settings, and once you lower y our quality, the green will go away and problem solved.

this is a note, and reminder if any one comes into this issue, thank you
Are you shooting sports, fast motion, then Pal 50 fps, if you're just simply shooting pal 25fps. I probably sample before I do anything, and then decide what works bes.

I shoot all my footage ntsc60fps, whatever res 1280x720

make sure you edit andsee what works best??
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