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"Power DVD is already running ..."
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Umm, nothing's sorted out. The problem is with disks in a physical drive, not indexed video files on the system.

I haven't heard anything from your contacts who wanted to troubleshoot this, Michael.
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Hi Michael,
Any update on this please?

I PMd you the information you requested, but haven't heard back from you. Tech support has asked me to reinstall, but hasn't offered anything like a solution.

How do I progress this please?
CyberLink-Michael [Avatar]
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sorry for the delay - let me try to push this.

btw we were able to reproduce the issue in one case already. the necessary condition was to disable PowerDVD library - did you disable the library in your case?

Michael Technical Support

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Hi Michael.
I've never enabled it in the first place. My multimedia are on discs, so I really don't need my HDDs indexed.

I appreciate your help.

Tech support asked me to reinstall (I already had, and had said so in my original incident report, but they asked me to do it again), and they gave me a link and password to download the executable from anew. The password doesn't work, which I logged in an updated incident report, but I haven't heard anything more from them.
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Hi Branais,
We too have experienced this problem for lonnnngggg timmeee! I suspect dozens of customers are not aware PowerDVD13.exe often keeps running when they close the app. I posted this issue months ago and was told "sounds like a specific issue on your platform". After closing PDVD13 our laptop fan would speed up, Task Manager showed it wasn't closing.

As stupid as this sounds, try selecting different links in your left panel before closing the app. For instance, I click on a few different playlists and sometimes our My Computer links to our NAS folders.......then close the app. Many times this works for us.

We only have the one exe running. We don't use the library, movie info, no DLNA, basically everything is turned off. I also use those old PDVD tricks of changing key files names so certain processes never start. Updates always put them back.

Program Files (86)>Cyberlink>PowerDVD13:
rename PowerDVD13Agent.exe to NO_PowerDVD13Agent.exe
Rename PowerDVD13ML.exe to NO_PowerDVD13ML.exe

Program Files (86)>Cyberlink>PowerDVD13>Movie:
rename PowerDVD.exe to NO_PowerDVD.exe
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