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Video Lag
Winterhaven [Avatar]
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I am new to Powerdirector and switched from OpenShot because of strange issues I had with it. I started my first project in PowerDirector and added a video file (mkv) to track one. When I play back the preview the video motion hangs about every 10 seconds but the audio sounds okay. I thought it was just the preview so I produced the video and opened it up in the media player and still shows the same results.

I imported the same video into Openshot and it works fine.

I checked the resources on my pc nothing is maxed out during preview or playing the produced video.
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Please read item 7 in the FAQs.
man_daddio70 [Avatar]
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Quote Please read item 7 in the FAQs.

This post does not help at all. I have Powerdirector 15. I know it is a bit old now but it is not that people don't have powerful computers that PD is lagging and freezing. It crashes a lot too when trying to edit audio while doing projects.

I have an Windows 11 13700k with 32GB RAM and RTX 4090 and when editing it is hanging about every 5 seconds. It is annoying and should not be happening. It did not matter if I put the video prieview on realtime or any other setting. It still hangs every 5 seconds or so. An hour project takes two hours. Not very good. The software needs an optimization update or something.

Most systems that are less than 5 years old shouold be able to run this software with a breeze.

I hope Cyberlink devs can fix these issues. They keep wanting me to get 365 but if they can't keep software updated or can't just give us free updates to the newer apps so they don't have to worry about the old apps I am never gonna be sold on a subscription. I prefer to buy my software anyway.
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FYI Cyberlink only actively patches products for about 18 months, and PD19 is either already off the list or will be there shortly. There definitely will not be any updates for PD15.

You may have an entirely different reason for lagging than the OP of this thread, and if you'd like forum volunteers to try and help we'd need quite a bit more information.

To start, please follow the steps in the Read Me Before Posting guide and attach the DxDiag test results so we can see the exact technical details of your system.

Next, attach a screenshot of your timeline and/or providfe a description of the kinds of edits you've made. A screen recording would also help. Things like video speed or direction changes, certain FX and even flipping or mirroring the video can take serious computional power and few, if any, systems would be able to preview them in real time for an extended period.
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