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I appreciate your answer friend, but it wasn't exactly that.
It's similar, when you leave the red line and grab an object, let's say it's left as an 'invisible' line which made it easier to place items in the position where your red line was previously.
<div id="gtx-trans" style="position: absolute; left: -64px; top: -30px;"><div class="gtx-trans-icon"> </div></div>
It's hard to explain this, I'll try: you see, I use subtitles a lot, and I also work a lot on timing the picture to specific moments in the milliseconds of the audio, for eye-pleasing editing (music videos).

I've used earlier versions of powerdirector where when leaving the timeline in a specific place, and then going to a clip or effect and dragging it to the same position where you left the timeline before, this little bar would turn blue, and it would automatically fit in the same place where I had left it before.

As of this version I can no longer do that, and I must manually adjust any objects on the timeline. Which makes it much more difficult to be as precise as before, since it was more intuitive.

Is there a way to get that function back? It really was very useful to me, and it saved me a lot of time editing.

Thank you!

(I'll atach an image, so you can have an idea of what I'm talking about)

(And yes, I know what a time marker is, please, don't make me use that thing)
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