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If I found it obvious, I wouldn't have asked. Despite their priorities, NVidia has to listen to their customers to some extent, and to that extent, I would like my voice heard on this issue. Accoridngly, could you (or someone else knowledgeable), tell me what I should say to them? Is it as simple as asking for playthrough support for UHD BDs, or should I be asking for support for more specific technological demands for this type of playback?


Having read through some posts on here, it is clear that UHD BDs cannot be played through NVidia cards and that Cyberlink is not the cause of this problem. My question is: who is responsible for this issue? As a consumer, where should I direct my queries to see UHD BD support enabled? In addition, what specific technical information should I include with my requests to be clear on the support needed? I see the HDCP 2.2 requirement, which my 1080Ti meets, and the SGX requirement that my motherboard (Maximus Hero IX) meets, but the interplay between them and other requirements eludes me. I simply want to clearly articulate what support is needed in order for me (and seemingly many others) to watch UHD Blu-rays.

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