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Hello. I've been using Youcam 10 for a couple months now, and just about every time it starts up it is set to its lowest resolution or 720p and I have to manually change it. Sometimes I'm locked out of changing it. Not sure if it depends on whether I'm on Teams or Zoom or Zoho. But if I shut Youcam down and restart usually I can edit the resolution. Super annoying. All the other settings seem to retain, just not the resolution.

I'm recently using Zoho Meetings more often, and this platform is browser based. However most times if Youcam is already running, I get a dark green screen and no video. I need to close out Youcam services via task manager, join the zoho meeting, then load Youcam back up, readjust the resolution, then it will work. This requires a couple minutes just about every time I need to join zoho.

Is there a Chrome browser setting? permissions maybe? Any help would be appreciated.

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