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Hi. I'm new to all of this software. I bought an external DVD burner from Dell (Buffalo brand). It came with Cyberlink Media Suite 10. When I tried to install the software, I got two error messages. I had Dell tech support on the phone, but then they hung up on me. I might call them back, but in the meantime, I contacted the CyberLink support via email, and I'm waiting on them. So if anyone knows how to fix these errors below (so I don't have to wait), I am grateful. I will attach them.

One error occurred when I tried to install the software (twice). The second one occurs if I try to open the desktop link. If I go to the list of Cyberlink programs in my computer menu, most of them do nothing if I click on them.

In the meantime, I realized that I just need Power2Go to burn my DVDs, and that part installed fine, but I did have to upgrade, pay for the upgrade, and update. I'm not too happy about that and intend to give Dell a hard time for both hanging up on me and giving me a product that I had to pay an additional $40 to use.

Anyway, about my other question... I have some large videos I made on another program. They are AVI files. I want to reduce their size so I can upload them to my site, OR split them up. I haven't had much luck finding good software for that. I made them using the program called TotalRecorder. I'm sure there is some setting on there I need to change to make the files smaller, but so far I haven't figured it out.

At any rate, my question is this: can PowerDirector help me either reduce the file size, convert it to something smaller or split it into parts? And does it come with Cyberlink Media Suite 10 (I don't see it in my directory, so perhaps the error prevented it from installing)? And if it doesn't do that, do any of the products here do that (and if so, which one)?


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