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Subtitles always seem to be delayed by approximately 12ms which for the most part is not noticeable but for some signs/songs subtitles it can be very annoying. This is especially a problem with subtitles embedded into a blu-ray disc as there are no options available to synchronise them. Other blu-ray players such as aiseesoft do not have this problem with subtitles always perfectly in sync, suggesting the problem is not with my disc but rather the software.

I also want to add that this isn't just a problem I've been experiencing with downloaded videos but also blu-ray discs.
I've noticed significant video judder which is especially noticeable with lip syncing in anime series/films. I looked up the issue on the forum and on reddit and it seems like other people have noticed this problem as well. I think the source of the problem is that powerdvd incorrectly plays 23.98 fps videos at 23 fps as suggested by the attached images. This would cause certain frames to be skipped causing judder that is especially noticeable with animation. Which is exactly what I've experienced.

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