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Here is a screenshot from VLC showing the CODEC details. It says the

H264 MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (avc 1)

codec was used. Is there an issue with this particular CODEC? In my read in the forum, the H264 option seems to be fine but I must be missing something. Wheteher I try to create a disc folder for a DVD or a BluRay disc, the transcoding process takes 12-18 ours and ends with a failed conversion.

Is there another flavor I should convert them to?
After 32 hrs and 98%, it popped the error: "Burning unsuccessful (E01400A).....
17.5 hours and Power2Go13 is still trying to finish the burn to the blu-ray disc.... 92%
I am new to the forum and just purchased Power2Go 13 yesterday.

My goal: burn a blu-ray disc of family videos (.MP4's and much smaller .MOV's) for play on family members' blu-ray players on their big screen tv's.

I installed Power2Go 13, inserted a Verbatim 25 GB BD-R blu-ray disc in a Pioneer BDR-XD05B burner and started to build my project, adding the 2 large .MP4 files (~ 2.5GB) and 4 small .MOV files . I did play with the menu's, the structure, etc and did edit the default menu names and then saved off the project. I did use PREVIEW to look at the videos and they appeared to function as expected but I did not check them all to the end -- Power2Go seemed to freeze here and there during this preview check but did come back.

All video files play fine on my Windows 10 laptop and on iphone.

The DXDiag is attached.

Problem: after 12 hours, the burn is still running, showing 86% complete. But, its been at this stage for the past 5 hours, slowly bumping the percent complete from 81% to the now-showing 86%, I hear the burner cycling off occasionally and task mgr shows Power2Go to be running. Do I continue to let it run or do I shut it.? What am I missing?

Setttings: I cant get back to the preferences screens with the burn started but I recall using the autosize option for res, and used the defaults where I could. Screenshot attached of the GUI.

I did see the other posts from a ways back to save off to a file and then burning that file later as 2 seperate steps. I can try that bu wanted to avoid wasting another blu-ray disc if there was still hope.

Background: I have used Windows 10 Media Player to burn DVD's and Blue-Rays with the same Pioneer burner off and on over the yrs - sometime there would be issues on playback and sometimes all would be fine. This time, one of the 2 .MP4's would burn fine with Media Player but it would not play back on the home Sony blu-ray player -- it would sit there and spin. So, purchased Power2Go hoping it would help resolve the issue.
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