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I used to use Camtasia Studio 8, and one of my favourite transitions was "Radial Blur".

I was wondering if someone can make that effect for PowerDirector (I have PD15 if that makes a difference).

This would help me out a lot!

I hope I am posting this in the right place, if not I apologize.

- Ross
When using the transitions either of the two options have issues that I can't figure a way around.

I want to transition two clips I have at the desired length but, when using the overlap option, I HAVE to know what the next clip's legnth at the begining will be and will not be able to change it unless I delete the transition, then add it again AFTER I edited the next clip again, even by 1 milisecond.

And, by using the cross option, it pauses the clips until the next clip is mainly covering 51% of the transition and then pasues the previous clip.

Why doesn't it just continue while editing the legnth by dragging it? Unless there is a way. My only comparasent is Camtasia Studio 8, where you can do this without having a predetermined legnth for the upcoming clip.

For the record I don't feel as this is a complaing post. I genuinly need help with this. As what I need this software for involves me using transitions a lot.

Please help.
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