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Transitions are complicated [PD15]
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Ravatex [Avatar]
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When using the transitions either of the two options have issues that I can't figure a way around.

I want to transition two clips I have at the desired length but, when using the overlap option, I HAVE to know what the next clip's legnth at the begining will be and will not be able to change it unless I delete the transition, then add it again AFTER I edited the next clip again, even by 1 milisecond.

And, by using the cross option, it pauses the clips until the next clip is mainly covering 51% of the transition and then pasues the previous clip.

Why doesn't it just continue while editing the legnth by dragging it? Unless there is a way. My only comparasent is Camtasia Studio 8, where you can do this without having a predetermined legnth for the upcoming clip.

For the record I don't feel as this is a complaing post. I genuinly need help with this. As what I need this software for involves me using transitions a lot.

Please help.
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Hi Ravatex. I'm not sure why your post sat here without any answers but I may be able to clear a couple things up.

It sounds like you want the overlap transition style, and one thing that may help is to set the default duration to something shorter, like maybe 0.5 sec. You can do that from the Editing tab on the Preferences menu and any new transitions you place will have that duration.

For transitions you've already placed, you can change the duration by clicking directly on it and then clicking on the Duration tool and typing in a new length. Note that in PD15 the tool may have a clock icon - I don't remember when it switched.

If you need to adjust the start or end of a clip after you've applied a transition, just click anywhere on the clip then click & drag either end until it's the desired length.

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