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Greetings: I've been using PowerDirector on Android for about a year. However I just upgraded to an iPad Air. With ios14.3 and can't for the life of me figure out how to install my fonts into PowerDirector. I've got the paid version if that makes a difference. And I'm definitely an iOS newbie.


Thanks for cleaning up the post Optodata!

Hello ThoughtfulTunes. I think Optodata did a great job responding. The only question I have is when you reference using pan and zoom or rotating without splitting the frame are you referring to splitting the clip/asset or actually splitting the middle of the frame/screen? If you want to pan/zoom/rotate without splitting a clip you have the capability of using the Keyframe Transform effect to change position, scale and rotation without needing to split the clip. I have a tutorial on my channel that covers using this feature.

Thanks to both of you! Especially for cleaning up what the hell happened there with the formatting of my post. Right after hitting post I read somebodys post about the code being recently messed up here so I thought that may of been my prob. Apparently not so....

That is one thing I've not learned at all yet Maliek, so I definitely would love to check out your tutorial. Than

** EDIT - SIGHHHHH - End edit *
ive been using it since mid may & jeez what an improvement over what I've used in the past. And I've done my best to expedite the learning curve as I use it for music lyrics videos on YouTube daily. I stillk have a couple questions please.

1: Is there any way to insert text you may of forgotten at the beginning of your project without messing up the timing off all text that follows? This is almost a requirement doing music lyrics videos daily & you have no idea I need to go back & insert text I forgot. And a couple times now that I've done that all my text was out of timing after where I inserted the new text

While on the subject of text & since it's a big part of my daily routine, is there any way or any 3rd parties who offer more text application layouts? (Not fonts, I love the ability to add our own fonts!? Or are there any add-ons for the Android.mobole app ( full subscription, that aren't with the developer updates that I might want to check out?

And 2 things to close: When using pan & zoom, or really if there is any other method I'd love to know, is there a way to either pan / zoom or another method of turning an object or person upside down without splitting the frame? Odd question I know.

Actually I think.yhatd it! Thanks! If any of ya feel like stopping by a relative newcomer to the software and see what m doing with it you can find me on YouTube, making music lyrics videos.
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