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Thanks yes I will figure something out I just wanted to check I wasn't missing something obvious first. VOBSUB tracks as I understand it are effectively just a series of still images and timestamps. It means a DVD player doesn't need to support lots of languages, it just bitmasks the images in the subtitle track with the live video and it has no idea what it says.

so the options are either to convert that into a video stream that you can put on another track. Or more usefuly to subtitle text files but that would involve an OCR process because something has to read the images and and convert to text.
Ok thanks that helps.

I tried that now and I see the extract option but it tells me there are no subtitle tracks in this mkv file. There definitely are, but they are probably VOBSUB subtitle tracks which is not a text format and maybe it doesn't support those?
The info box in the Subtitle room says I can import subtitles from an MKV file but I can't see a way to do that? Only *.srt and *.txt are selected in the file selection box if I hit open.

Subtitle room info box
Thanks that seems to match. I have the 2018 iPad which is iPad 6 and on Google I found it has 2GB of RAM. So does that mean I am able to have the original video +2 overlays
I've seen discussion here that the limit on the number of video layers depends on your hardware for Android. But does anyone know what the limits are for iOS and specifically iPad 2018?
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