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I am currently in the process of ripping old DVDs onto my NAS to be played on my Roku TV devices (and maybe eventually other TV platforms in the future). I purchased a Pioneer external optical drive to do it and it came with Cyberlink Suite 10 which I just upgraded only Power2Go to v13.

When I go to rip a DVD, the only option I can find is to "Convert to Mobile" and import all the VOB files. After that, I only get a limited subset of formats - based on mobile device carriers like Apple or Sony, etc. and within those a limited subset of video quality and usually no better than 640x480 (at least that I can tell).

How can I just choose the video format I want to rip to and the video quality? I need to make sure I rip it to the format I need for Roku to read it (H.264/AVC (.MKV, .MP4, .MOV)). What would be the best settings to get the best quality and in the format my Roku TV can read?

EDIT: I've found the "Generic" setting where you can do things like up-convert. For a standard DVD that is only supposed to be 480i, what would be the best combination of settings to get the best video quality? Rip at 640x360 and then use TrueTheater to upconvert quality? Or burn at like a 1280x720 and not do TrueTheater settings?
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