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Hi guys,

I haven't used my current PD version 17 for a while.

My daughter's 16th birthday is nearing and I would love to do a slideshow metamorphosis from the time she was a baby to now.
I believe this is what you call it. It has been done with Princess Diana and the Queen. Here is the link Queen Elizabeth

Is there a way of doing this on PD? If not where can I get software to do this myself? I know there are online sites but I really would like to do it myself. Much appreciated smile
I have a 30 second video clip of my daughter. I want to cut out 10 seconds of it in the middle and rejoin the other 2 into one without any blips. How do I do this? Thank you

Yes it is possible. It looks like that you are looking for some help or basics to get started. I would put that music video on track 1. Put your other clips on the lower track 2 and disable the audio track. Resize the video to half size so you can see all the both the top and lower track. Cut, split remove portions on the 2nd track that you don't want. Do the fades with PiP designer instead of transitions. When everything is the way you want it for the duration of the song then resize each portion of the clip on the track 2 to full screen. The video on the lower track is on top of the one on the higher track. There is no need whatsoever to touch the music video on track 1.

Thanks for your reply.
I'll digest your advice and try to fathom it out.
I have Power Director 17.
I have a music video, Airborne by Prinze George featuring May Rose Nivola which is a beautiful song. I would like to use segments of the 2 singers fading into home videos I have with the music just carrying on throughout. I don't want the whole video which features actors from the film with Matt Dillon. I want to fade in and out home videos of my daughter when she was young. Does this make any sense. I have tried to fade in the little girl (May Rose Nivola) in one home movie segment which was set over a local beach with May Rose fading over the video singing then fading out yet with the track still playing and crossfade another home video featuring my daughter then fade the 2 singers in and fade them out cross fading my own video maintaining the music, ultimately replacing the the music videos original footage of the actors from the film with my home videos. Is this at all possible? Check the video on youtube to see what I mean. Thanks
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