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Let's say I have dragged 3 clips to my timeline, and there is some spacing between each clip. Instead of clicking on a clip and dragging it backwards until it "locks in" to the previous clip, is there a way to "select" a cli with the mouse, and then hit a hotkey combination that would automatically move the clip back and "lock" it adjacent to the previous clip? If not, then it's a heck of a lot of clicking and dragging when I have a large bunch of clips on the timeline.

Thanks for any pointers,
Ed R.
Quote You have the preview screen undocked. Dock it and all the problems should go away. You can then resize the preview screen to be larger and the Library detail view should automatically adjust.

You can resize the preview screen by placing the cursor in between the library and preview screen to find the area where it will change to a double headed arrow. You can then click and drag left or right to resize the preview screen and the library will adjust automatically to not cover up the details like you see in your two screenshots.

Always great to start off the day with an answer! Thank you, tomasc! All set!

I just started using Powerdirector 18. I am pulling videos into the library from two different sources, some file names have the date in them, some are Apple and are undescriptive.

I figured out how to show a "list" instead of thumbnails, and I figured out how to sort by "modified date", so I can sort by the ORIGINAL dates of the clips, to keep track when I pull them into a project, but I want to "shrink" the Media Content window, so that the "Preview" window doesn't cover it up. Is this possible? See my attached JPGs:

Thanks for any help, it's probably something stupid I'm missing, but after all, I've only been an IT guy for 30+ years.....

Ed R.
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