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I filmed a video and because the lighting was uneven one side of the video is a little bit darker and less colorful, I was wondering if there is a way were I can color grade only one side of the video so It matches a little bit more with the other?

*And I did tried duplicating the video cropping only the right side and color grading it but it doesn't seem to sit well with the original video you can see the line in the middle .
Quote I am getting the exact same issue. When producing a video the audio which is not distorted before rendering, it is thereafter distrorted and crackles badly. I have tried to use a WAV file and an MP3 of the same audio track to no avail.
I have tried to reduce the output before rendering on PD18 but it still distorts/crackles. The MP3 and WAV files are fine on other music programs so its definitely an issue with PD unless im missing something. Thanks.

Are you getting this problem with AAC? Because I get this problem only when with AAC but not when I export as Dolby Digital, Which is a problem for me, cause i need to export as AAC.
Quote Exact same problem. The last few videos I produced had this issue and shame on me, but the last thing I suspected was the editor. I have been checking my PC speakers, mics, connections, etc. But today I opened the same raw clip in PowerDirector and in Adobe Premier and it is night and day different. PowerDirector is making ALL audio sound as if it was recorded too hot. All the vocals (speaking) are badly distorted with a constant fuzziness. Lowering the audio level only results in a lower volume of bad audio with the same poor quality. Again - the source files are fine and other software plays it clean. I've been using PowerDirector for years, and am a 365 subscriber, but this will cause me to move platforms forever.

I get this problem only when I export the audio as AAC but not when I export as Dolby Digital are you getting the same problem?
I'm trying to export an MP4 video at NTSC, and the audio is clipping and getting distorted, i made sure in the audio mixing room that im not in the red or the yellow, I've tried to use a limiter in the audio editor to see if it will work but im still getting clipping and distortion once i export the video.
By the way the audio im using is fine its not clipping or distorted its only after i export .
Hey I was wondering how I could save my own effects presets I've made some adjustments on one of the effect and now i want to save this effect as my own preset so i can use again in the future.
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