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Thanks for the reply.
I just had to use another SW to perform the task and did so successfully.
I decided to record video in highest resolution.
When importing the 1,97GB recorded files, none of them completes stitching process.
Everyone just gets stuck at different percentages. One at 84%, another at 7% etc.
I don't understand what happens and how to overcome it.

Any ideas please?

Thank you!

The direct YouTube upload feature in any program is prone to fail because YouTube updates its API mechanism continually. Just produce your video file first in ActionDirector and then upload the file to your channel manually. It will work every time.


It worked! Thannk you!
Recently I successfully uploaded a 1 hr 360view video on YouTube.
Now I am trying to do another one (short one, 2 minutes) and the upload to youtube terminates prematurely after 1% uploading.
I tried different accounts and different formats but still it doesn't ever exceed 1% upload process.

What is wrong?

Thank you!
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